Florida Man Arrested After SLASHING Wife’s Throat & Holding Her Hand While She Died In A Bathtub

A Florida resident has been charged after admitting to slashing his wife’s throat in a shocking murder scene.

According to reports, Altamonte Springs Police were dispatched just before 9 a.m. last Tuesday to the residence of Xichen Yang and Nhu Quynh Pham for a welfare check. Upon arrival, 21-year-old Nhu was found in a pool of her own blood in their bathtub.

Police revealed in their report, obtained by Law&Crime

“Pham had a deep laceration to the left side of her neck which had blood running down from it. Her stomach was also pooled with blood.”

Nhu was tragically pronounced dead at the scene. And her husband quickly confessed to killing her.

Xichen was arrested on charges of first degree murder and tampering with evidence after revealing that he initially attempted to clean the crime scene. The 21-year-old explained that he was angry at Nhu after she had allegedly burned his passport. The report explained: 

“He could feel himself getting more and more angry … and that he could have stopped short of killing her.”

When asked why he chose to not stop short of killing her, he explained that’s “not how he was raised,” and that he’s the type “who always goes all the way.”

How disturbing, and so blatant! It’s like he’s proud of it! WTF?! And all over a stupid passport you could just replace…

The report continued:

“He placed Pham in the bathroom tub, ‘played her favorite music’ and ‘held her hand’ for what he estimates to be approximately 10 minutes, until she died.”

It’s hard to know what to even make of this… This doesn’t sound like a killing committed by someone overcome with rage. It’s so planned and calm — which makes it even more disturbing.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Xichen admitted on a call with his employer to doing “unspeakable things” to his wife, and that was why he failed to show up for work. It was also made clear he never called 911 for help.

That plus the attempted cover-up he admitted to kinda proves his lack of remorse, don’t you think??

According to WKMG-TV, Altamonte Springs Police had been dispatched to the young couple’s residence a reported three times within the last six months — most recently two weeks prior to the gruesome murder. ASPD spokesperson Michelle Montalvo revealed that one of the calls came from Nhu herself, explaining:

“She called where he was doing self-harm to himself, and they had gotten into an altercation. There was a history of altercations. When officers got on scene and got all the details, they were able to determine he was doing self-harm to himself, and the victim was also concerned for him. He was taken into protective custody.”

Xichen was also reportedly arrested back in January of this year after allegedly striking Nhu on her face, but battery charges were later dropped.

Sadly this is a story we’ve heard many times — a woman unable to leave her scary, dangerous husband becoming the victim of violence one last time. So sad that she couldn’t get out of their volatile relationship before it was too late. Xichen is currently being held without bond, and is scheduled to appear in court in August.

A friend of Nhu has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help her family send her remains back to Vietnam for a proper burial.

Sending our thoughts to Nhu’s poor family at this time…

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