Florida Man Confesses To 10-Year-Old Murder After Finding Religion, Says He ‘Couldn’t Live With The Guilt Anymore’

Who would have ever thought something like this would happen? A Florida man walked into a police station earlier this week and confessed to a murder he committed almost a decade ago, allegedly saying he “couldn’t live with the guilt anymore.”

On Wednesday, Benjamin Moulton admitted to officers at the Manatee Police Department that he murdered Nicole Scott, who was found strangled off the side of a road nearly 10 years ago. In December 2011, a passing motorcyclist reportedly spotted the body of a 29-year-old woman partially clothed with visible trauma to her face in a wooded area near University Boulevard in Manatee County. According to TooFab, an autopsy later determined that she was strangled to death several days before being dumped in the woods.

Investigators had questioned Moulton about Scott’s murder at the time. However, they were never about to gather enough evidence to connect him to the crime after he denied any involvement. The case remained unsolved for years while police attempted to uncover new information, but nothing ever came up … until now, when the 43-year-old unexpectedly claimed responsibility this week.

When Moulton entered the station Wednesday, he reportedly explained to homicide detectives that he murdered Scott in a fit of rage one night before sharing other details that were never made known to the public. Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Randy Warren told Fox13 that his confession is an unusual occurrence, saying:

“It almost never happens this way. He confessed. He told us he had been living with this guilt, couldn’t do it anymore.”

Even more so, he said Moulton finding religion was the catalyst that ultimately pushed him into confessing to the crime:

“He had as he said found Jehovah and wanted to end this guilt. He told us things that only he would know if he had been out there and it turns out he wanted to get this off his chest as he told us because it was time. He went on to tell us that this was guilt that was eating him up. He had in the process of the last few years turned to Jehovah’s Witness faith and that he was ready to make things right.”

Moulton is now facing a first-degree murder charge.

Wow, we are glad Nicole is finally getting some justice for her death. Reactions to this crazy confession, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

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