Helen Mirren partners with Italian comedian as she promotes coronavirus vaccines

Helen Mirren is interviewed by Michael Parkinson in 1975

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The Oscar-winning actress appears alongside Checco, 43, as he falls madly in love with her after discovering the 75-year-old has received the Covid vaccine. It comes after Italy has administered more than 500,000 vaccines per day.

I love to dance with you, O’Vacinada, face to face with this immunised old girl,

Checco Zalone

During the music video, which has since racked up more than one million views on YouTube, Checco, whose real name is Luca Pasquale Medici, takes on the role of a Spanish native driving through the Puglia region in Italy, where Dame Helen owns a home.

Helen who has famously played The Queen is seen offering advice to Checco but he appears to be more interested after noticing her shoulder is on display.

After revealing Helen’s character has received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine, the Italian comic erupts into a song, sung in the romance language, Latin, titled La Vacinada.

Later on, the two are seen enjoying a leisurely stroll through the vineyard of Helen’s Italian farmhouse before enjoying tea together.

“I love to dance with you, O’Vacinada, face to face with this immunised old girl,” he sings to Helen.

Checco goes on to add: “I don’t care if your ankles are a bit swollen…

“Your movements are so suave and sensual it seems your femur is original.”

The couple proceeds to dance with one another before Helen offers to teach him embroidery.

Sharing the video on Facebook, which has now received more than 62,000 likes and 38,000 shares, he penned: “Herd immunity has not arrived yet but at least there is the vaccine.”

Helen has previously encouraged Brits to follow the coronavirus restrictions before adding she found it “pretty cool” to remain at home during the lockdown.

During an interview on ITV’s Lorraine, she said: “My life up to that point, I was constantly packing and unpacking. I never got to the end of a tube of toothpaste.

“My husband and I were in our house in America and I used up a whole tube of toothpaste for probably the first time in my life.”

She added: “It was fabulous just to be at home, talk about what we’re going to have for dinner tonight, there was a lot of cooking going on, exercise.

“We learned Italian, we had Italian lessons at night the two of us. It was pretty cool for me.

However, Helen recalled missing certain aspects of society: “I love sitting in a bar with a cocktail in my hand and the buzz of a bar around me, I just love that.

“And I hugely miss going to the theatre, I don’t love doing it but I love going to the theatre and I miss that terribly.”

The actress and her American husband Taylor Hackford have owned a holiday home in the Italian region of Tiggiano, Puglia, for several years.

Earlier in the week, Italy achieved its target of administering 500,000 coronavirus vaccines on a daily basis.

On Friday, it was reported over 19.4 million doses had been administered, with 5.8 million Italian’s having received both doses.

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