Hi, Bennifer Just Recreated the Bikini Butt Rubbing Scene in "Jenny from the Block"

In case you aren’t aware, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are currently floating around on a giant yacht in St. Tropez in celebration of J.Lo’s 52nd birthday, and things have escalated. On top of going public on Instagram with a casual kissing pic, paparazzi caught Bennifer recreating their iconic moment from the “Jenny from the Block” video. You know, the one where they’re on a yacht and Ben has his hand on J.Lo’s butt while paps snap pics? It’s happening in real life, and the photos are over on The Daily Mail. Ben and Jen seemed to recreate the scene with their personal photographer, and it’s unclear what they plan to do with the photos but I need answers immediately.

Meanwhile, here’s the “Jenny from the Block” video for us all to watch together.:

According to People, the couple are “are having a beautiful trip” and “they celebrated Jen’s birthday at a club last night” where “she looked gorgeous and very happy.”

Great! To make matters just slightly awkward, though, Jennifer’s ex A-Rod also happens to be yachting his way around St. Tropez. Which…is certainly a coincidence! A-Rod posted some casual footage from his trip, which is also in celebration of his birthday. A source tells People, “He’s with family and friends and people he works with. He’s doing great and celebrating his birthday and Minnesota Timberwolves sale.”

What a time to be alive, tbh!

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