Iggy Azalea’s Fans Fear For Her As She Remains Off Social Media For Her BDay 2 Weeks After Photo Leak

After a topless photo of Iggy Azalea from a 2016 ‘GQ’ photoshoot was spread around the internet without her consent, the rapper has gone completely off the grid.

Iggy Azalea just turned 29 on June 7, but fans were growing concerned that she didn’t return to social media for her birthday two weeks after a topless photo of her from GQ leaked and spread. Iggy deactivated her Instagram and Twitter on May 27 accounts after sharing a statement following the photo leak. Her birthday, which was yesterday, was 12 days since Iggy had been completely off social media. Fans began to worry about the “Sally Walker” rapper during her silence on her birthday and took to social media to express their concern.

“It’s Iggy Azalea’s birthday and she still hasn’t reactivated her socials,” one fan said on Twitter. “The DESPAIR.” Another fan posted, “#IggyAzalea happy birthday my queen and #QueenOfRap,” they said.  “I want you to come back. I miss you. We Azaleans are very very very very concerned about you. I hope that you can have a wonderful birthday.” One fan piped in, “You made Iggy Azalea so uncomfortable about her situation and other [sic] was bad enough that she deleted both of her social media accounts.” Iggy will likely return to social media in some capacity soon – her next album, In My Defense, is coming out this month.

Iggy’s last post on social media was standing up for herself when photos on a closed set from a GQ 2016 photoshoot were leaked and spread without her consent. “I feel blindsided, embarrassed, violated, angry, sad and a million other things,” she started her Notes app post. “Not solely because I did not consent to this — but also because of the vile way people have reacted. A lot of the comments I see from men in particular taking things even further and sharing their thoughts and fantasies in regards to my body has honestly disturbed me. The outright wicked things people say is overwhelming & makes me feel like throwing up.”

“If you’ve ever been humiliated before in front of family & those you care about maybe you can relate to what I’m going though,” the rapper continued. “It’s like a nuclear bomb that explodes and not only destroys you emotionally, but leaves a path of destruction in your personal life, effecting your relationships & people who matter most too. There was no reason for anyone to have kept the outtakes from the shoot. I’m surprised and angry that they were not immediately deleted after the final images were selected.” Iggy said that she will take legal action against the person or persons responsible for the leak. We hope the star is feeling better after this entire situation, and will make her way back to social media soon.

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