Inside Nicola Peltzs dream honeymoon – South of France, beach and lychee martinis

Loved-up Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz tied the knot yesterday in a stunning ceremony which cost an estimated £3million.

The pair wed at Nicola's family estate in Palm Beach, Florida, in a traditional Jewish ceremony with 300 star-studded guests.

Today the couple will likely be celebrating their first full day as man and wife, but details of their upcoming honeymoon are still under wraps.

During a game of 'Mr & Mrs' with British Vogue, the couple revealed some intimate and fun details about themselves and their relationship.

Brooklyn revealed his favourite meal would be a pint of prawns, followed by pie and mash and spotted dick.

And when asked about Nicola's dream honeymoon, he guessed it on the spot: the South of France, with her family joining them for lychee martinis on the beach.

Back in January, it was reported the pair planned to go intergalactic for their honeymoon.

A source told The Mirror: "Between his family and Nicola’s, it’s easy to get them on Richard Branson’s first VIP space flight. The cost would be a drop in the ocean.

"Their rich friends are talking about forming a club to fund the gift. They think presenting it will be one of the high points of the wedding day."

This has not been confirmed by the couple.

Meanwhile, after much speculation, it has been reported Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not invited to the couple's star-studded bash.

Instead, proud parents David and Victoria are said to have invited Prince William and Kate Middleton – but they politely declined the request.

The Beckhams were reported to have agonised over which royal couple to choose because of the rift between William and Harry.

In the end they chose William and Kate.

A source told The Sunday Mirror: "David and Victoria wrote to William and Kate inviting them and the family to their son’s wedding, and William replied wishing them a great deal of joy but they are unable to attend.

"David’s attachment and history go back with William and Kate and they have a very strong relationship and they were their choice of wedding guests.

"They are the people David and Victoria are attached to and it’s always been about them because they’ve had a long history together."

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