James Charles Speaks Out Amid Tati Westbrook, Shane Dawnson, & Jeffree Star YouTube Drama!

James Charles is finally speaking out and staying out of the never-ending drama about him online!

As we’ve been reporting, fellow YouTube beauty Tati Westbrook broke her silence on the digital platform last week to clear the air about her messy feud with Charles last Spring — and she also dropped some pretty serious allegations about Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson regarding their part in spoon-feeding her “poisonous lies” about the 21-year-old.

In her emotional, 40-minute video, Tati walked viewers through the series of alleged events that ultimately led to her falling out with James. She explained how that damning BYE SISTER video uploaded last May had less to do with him supporting a rival vitamin brand and more to do with accusations of his predatory behavior and sexual misconduct that Star and Dawson brought to her attention. Although James later refuted those claims in his own tea-spilling clip titled No More Lies, his brand and reputation — as well as Tati’s — had already suffered a pretty big blow.

Westbrook also explained that she and Charles have since made up, hashing out their issues and sharing receipts of their experiences in a private, “kumbaya” moment last Fall:

“Back in December 2019, after Shane and Jeffrey’s series ended, James Charles came to my LA home and we compared DMs, texts and stories about what had happened behind the scenes. We apologized to each other, forgave each other and agreed to wait patiently until it was safe for me to share my story. Since that night, James Charles has repeatedly said that he wanted to be beside me for this video, but I felt it was important that I do it alone because he deserves my first apology.”

James was indeed absent from the upload and has not yet crafted his own video response. But somehow, in the middle of a pandemic, the paparazzi were able to catch up with him and offer a penny for his thoughts on the matter! When questioned about “‘all this drama going on in the YouTube beauty community” while chilling on a random suburban street, the MUA replied through his face mask:

“Who knows. I’m just staying out of it, minding my own business. Just moved into a beautiful new house, I have great friends around me, waiting for my nice food on a Sunday afternoon.”

Really? That’s it?

Well, not quite! When the interviewer persisted and brought up Dawson, hoping to get a quote about his involvement in dragging the online creator’s name through the mud:

“I don’t want to talk about anything in relation to him.”

However, in response to a question of whether people should overlook Dawson’s past content, making clear reference to the star’s recent apology for his own problematic past behavior (the blackface, N-word, and jokingly masturbating to a poster of Willow Smith, among other things), Charles said:

“I think it should always be looked at on a case by case basis and make sure that people are changing actively—that’s kind of what I’ve always believed in.”

He also did not utter a peep when probed about Westbrook:

“I don’t really want to address anything in regarding to the drama. I hope you don’t mind.”

WATCH the bizarre and timely run-in for yourself (below):

Perezcious readers, how long do U think it’ll be before he caves and uploads another tell-all video to blow our minds?? You have to imagine those following this juicy drama (including us) would love to hear from the man at the center of it all, right?

Fans on Twitter are speculating he might be keeping his lips sealed since his digital show Instant Influencer was just renewed for a second season, so we might just get the tea there. We shall see!

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