Jay Smith: Did He Knock Up His Latest Girlfriend?

In a recent tearful confession, Ashley Martson admitted that she still loves Jay Smith after everything that he put her through.

She's not getting back with him, though. She's just acknowledging her feelings.

Jay, in the mean time, has a brand new girlfriend, because of course he does.

The dude has boned his way through a lot of women since coming to the US, and we suppose that this was inevitable. …

… But rumors say that his newest girlfriend is pregnant.


1.Oh, Jay

2.Jay Smith has never struggled to find love

3.Even so, they kept getting back together

4.They broke up

5.The PFA came with a serious instruction


7.It didn't last

8.Seriously, very happy

9.Kayla's not the bad guy, here

10.But their reunion didn't last forever


12.You'll never guess what happened

13.Now, there are new rumors

14.What does Jay have to say?

15.He makes it clear

16.He's too busy to be a father

17.He also gets a little mysterious

18.Right now, he wants to live somewhere else

19.He's definitely up to something

20.What's this?

21.Jay always WAS one of the hotter 90 Day Fiance stars

22.So … we guess that Jay is the one "doing everything on camera" now

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