Jazz Jennings Flaunts Scars from Gender Confirmation Surgery

Despite having had to overcome some harrowing post-op complications, Jazz Jennings is glad that she had her gender confirmation surgery.

New Year’s is a time to reflect upon growth and change, and Jazz is doing just that by flaunting the scars from her bottom surgery.

Jazz Jennings is welcoming the new year with a photo that symbolizes the new her.

“These are my scars on full display in #2019,” Jazz captions a pair of photos.

In the images, she is wearing a maroon one-piece bathing suit that leaves the surgical scars on her thighs very visible.

“I’m proud of my scars,” she writes, “and love my body just the way it is.”

“I call them my battle wounds,” Jazz says of her scars.

She explains that she calls them this “because they signify the strength and perseverance it took to finally complete my transition.”

Not all trans women — and even fewer trans men — undergo the genital surgery referred to as bottom surgery.

But those like Jazz, who experienced body dysphoria due to their gender and anatomy, experience both affirmation and liberation as a result.

Jazz was lucky enough to have supportive parents who embraced her from who she is from a young age, after she told them that she was a girl.

As part of that support, Jazz went on puberty blockers — a chance that many young trans folks still do not get.

She was able to grow breasts hormonally, avoiding a need for top surgery.

But when it came time for surgeons to give her a vagina, it wasn’t as easily said as done.

Because Jazz had not gone through organic puberty, her genitals had not grown to adult size.

That meant that doctors had less tissue with which to work, which presented a challenge.

Fortunately, they used a self-regenerating tissue from her abdomen to make up for the loss.

The surgery was a success. At least, it was at first.

Jazz Jenning’s difficult gender confirmation surgery resulted in a major complication.

While she was still healing, part of her new genitals were shown to not have as much physical integrity as surgeons had hoped.

The tissue essentially fell apart in places, which is pretty horrifying to imagine.

Fortunately, surgeons were able to repair the damage and Jazz has now had ages to heal.

When Jazz donned her maroon one-piece, she wasn’t just flaunting the scars from her bottom surgery.

She was also showing off that she can go to the beach in normal swimwear, now.

In the past, she had needed to wear shorts over her swimsuit. That’s no fun.

Skintight clothing can give a little too much information when your genitals are on the outside of your body. Now, she can wear her clothes normally.

Most people just want to live their lives, and trans folks are no exception.

However, in a toxic and deeply transphobic world, sometimes it seems like every trans person has to be an advocate for their own existence.

Jazz has been working as an activist for herself and her community since she was very young.

She has used her voice in interviews, on social media, and on her very own show, I Am Jazz, to lobby for acceptance and understanding.

We are so glad that she can live as her authentic self.

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