Jimmy Fallon Blasted By 'Tonight Show' Staffer For Writers' Strike Comments

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Jimmy Fallon says he wouldn’t have a late night show without his writers, and he supports them in their strike, but a ‘Tonight Show’ staffer begs to differ … claiming Jimmy’s all talk.

Sarah Kobos, a senior photo research coordinator on Jimmy’s talk show, ripped him Tuesday on social media as the writers’ strike began, saying … “He wasn’t even at the meeting this morning to tell us we won’t get paid after this week.”

Sarah tagged Jimmy in her tweet, adding … “@jimmyfallon please support your staff. Had fun bowling with ya last week, but a fun party won’t pay my rent.”

The staffer’s side of things flies in the face of what Jimmy said at Monday’s Met Gala. When asked about the impending writers’ strike, he told Variety, “I wouldn’t have a show if it wasn’t for my writers, I support them all the way.”

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In follow-up tweets, Sarah says she’s not a striking worker because she isn’t a member of the Writers Guild of America, but she says her livelihood is being affected nonetheless … because shows like Jimmy’s are going to air reruns during the strike.

Sarah took more shots at Jimmy, saying … “At a meeting Jimmy wasn’t even at, we are told NBC decided to stop paying us after this week and end our health insurance after this month if the strike is ongoing. They won’t even tell us if we will technically be furloughed. Just active employees who aren’t paid.”

The disgruntled employee also openly compared Jimmy to Seth Meyers, who hosts ‘Late Night’ on NBC … saying she was told Seth was on a Zoom meeting telling his staff and crew he would try to take care of them financially “after NBC stops paying.”

We reached out to Jimmy and NBC … so far, radio silence.

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