Jimmy Page Reveals He Was Unaware Of Led Zeppelin’s Five-Year Ban From Boston

It was only recently that Jimmy Page, guitarist and founder of Led Zeppelin, discovered that the rock band had received a five-year ban from Boston in 1975.

While doing research for one of his blog posts, Page learned of the riot that took place prior to one of Led Zeppelin’s performances in the city on January 6, 1975.

“On this day in 1975, I planned to play Boston Garden with @ledzeppelin. On researching for my website, I discovered that on January 6th 1975 there had been an incident at the Box Office at Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts that had involved a sale / non-sale of tickets to thousands of fans,” Page wrote on Facebook.

He added, “Police were called and it all ended with the scheduled Led Zeppelin show being cancelled by Mayor Kevin H White (who saw red) and, even more, there was apparently a five-year ban put on the band playing the venue.”

Page said he was “blissfully unaware of any of these shenanigans” but that Boston’s mayor at the time was “by all accounts, a Rolling Stones fan!”

The guitarist noted that he played Boston again in 1995 at The Fleet Center with Page & Plant.

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