John Legend Just Released His "Sexiest" Album Ever So Go Ahead and Stream It RN

John Legend just released his new album Bigger Love and apparently it’s his sexiest album ever. Like, he legit said as much to Jimmy Fallon back in March, explaining that Bigger Love is “probably my sexiest album to date” and telling fans “if you’re stuck at home and want to make some coronababies… if you spend a lot of time with your partner and you need a soundtrack for that….this album could be it.”

Apparently Legend was working on putting the finishing touches on the album in quarantine, telling Jimmy Fallon “The new album is coming, we’re mixing it, we’re getting our strings finished. I’m not sure how we’re going to execute the string recording, because I don’t know how we can distance our way into an orchestral recording, but we’ll figure it out…. Either way, most of it’s already recorded… and we just have to do a little bit of finishing up.”

Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen hit Twitter to troll her husband after hearing the album for the first time back in May, writing “Listening to john’s new album for the first time. ‘You know there’s a lot of women tryin to take your place’ bitch what the fuck? this is why I’m gonna keep my options open with the men of better call Saul.”

this is why I’m gonna keep my options open with the men of better call Saul

Also, her response to his reply is just perfection:

do u know what a punchline is

Go ahead and listen to Bigger Love below:

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