John Legend Releases Single Written By ‘Songland’ Contestant

John Legend has released a refurbished version of a song written by one of the contestants of NBC‘s new series “Songland.”

After refining Miami-based songwriter Tebby Burrows‘ acceptance anthem “We Need Love,” Legend released the track Tuesday night.

The Bahamian-born Burrows was the winner of the first episode of “Songland,” a reality competition show for aspiring songwriters.

“The verses feel really nice now,” said Legend, who served as a celebrity judge of the show, which premiered on NBC.

“It’s super conversational…it really gave me chills, I felt it and [I’m] ready to record it,” the singer said after hearing the reworked track towards the end of the episode.

Legend shortlisted three tracks, including “We Need Love,” he liked the most after listening to the writers play their songs.

Max Embers‘ pop ballad “Back Home” and Ollie Gabriel‘s love song “Something New” were the two other tracks.

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