Kanye Responds to 'White Lives Matter' Backlash, Ridicules Vogue Editor

Kanye West seems to be saying he wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt because, in his mind, Black Lives Matter is nothing but a racket.

The rapper/producer took to IG to respond to all the blowback he’s been getting — and it’s been A LOT — over a shirt he and his Yeezy models were rocking during his fashion show Monday … which had the controversial message plastered across the back.


What he’s referring to, it seems, is the fact that a small handful of BLM executives who’ve been caught in alleged scandals over the past couple years — including one honcho accused last month of syphoning $10 million from donors, and another who’s been accused of using BLM funds to buy a house.

Candace Owens — who was also on hand Monday for Ye’s show, wearing the shirt too — has been one of many critics on the right who’ve latched onto this, despite denials from the BLM execs … and it would appear Kanye’s skeptical too.

There’s more … KW also went after one specific person who criticized him because of his fashion choice/political statement — a contributing editor for Vogue named Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, who called his shirt “dangerous” and “irresponsible” in a well-thought-out analysis.

His response was more simple, and quite frankly childish … making fun of her wardrobe. He posted a photo of her, roasting her shoewear, saying — “I KNOOOOOOW ANNA [Wintour] HAAAATES THESE BOOTS.”

Kanye went on to say … “This is not a fashion person. You speak on Ye. Ima speak on you. Ask Trevor Noah.”

Gabriella doesn’t seem to have responded to Ye’s barbs just yet … but she was far from the only blue checkmark to have blasted him for his stunt. Kanye was trending all day because of it — with many recalling other controversial statements, including his infamous suggestion, while on “TMZ Live,” that slavery was a choice … not to mention all the MAGA stuff from over the past few years.

At any rate, it looks like Kanye is sticking to his guns. Not only was he wearing the shirt, but there are photos online from the Yeezy show that depict other people — including models of his — who were rocking it on the runway.

Just another day in the life of Kanye West. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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