Kanye West Offered to Quit Career to Become Kim Kardashian's Full-Time Stylist

In case you didn’t understand or comprehend the full scope of Kanye West‘s infatuation with Kim Kardashian, look no further than his offer to give up his career to become her full-time stylist … according to Kim herself.

The whole thing plays out in the upcoming premiere episode of “The Kardashians” on Hulu — set to release this week. Kim’s in her closet, trying out looks for her upcoming ‘SNL’ gig and talking to her friend about some other outfits Kanye’s recently selected for her to wear.

She then drops an extremely telling line, saying, “Kanye wants to quit everything and dedicate his life to being my stylist.”

Both Kim and her friend laugh it off — but you can tell it’s 100% legit — because Kanye undeniably loved dressing Kim.

It’s interesting, since we’ve seen him in his more recent relationships — with Chaney Jones and Julia Fox — he’s also played stylist. Dressing both women almost exclusively in Balenciaga. In fact, Jones even wore the same sunglasses Kim wore months before at a ‘Donda’ listening event.

Kanye’s been radio silent since we broke the story of his Instagram ban after attacking Kim, Pete, Trevor Noah and others on the platform. We were also first to report his dropping out of Coachella … where he was supposed to headline Sunday night.

Kim’s legally single, and working with her own style team now … so it will be interesting to see if Kanye’s future will continue to balance fashion and music, or if he’ll find a new muse to mold.

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