Katherine McNamara Is ‘Eternally Grateful’ For Experience on ‘Shadowhunters’ Set

Katherine McNamara has shared a lengthy letter about her time on Shadowhunters.

The 23-year-old actress opened up with TV Guide as their valedictorian of the TV class of 2019.

Shadowhunters was a joy and a thrill, but it also presented new challenges,” she said. “It was baptism by fire, and I am so grateful to have those experiences and those people to shape me into the person and the artist I have become. I am simultaneously thrilled and pained to have had such a brilliant experience so early on in my career. I am eternally grateful as now I know the pinnacle of what family can mean on a set in this nomadic life we choose to lead.”

“I also, however, am well aware that this is not a typical situation, and that I very well may never experience this kind of magic and harmony ever again,” Katherine continued. “I will always cherish the memories, the laughs, the challenges, and every ounce of love I felt in making this show. I emerge from this series a woman on a mission — to take with me a bit of this rarified air, this lightning in a bottle, and bring a bit of that light to every endeavor moving forward.”

“At 19, I was challenged with the responsibility of not only being the lead of a show but enticing and enchanting a fandom who were extremely passionate and opinionated about this story and my character. So I set out to lead with professionalism, positivity, and a desire to learn as much as possible from those around me,” she added. “Looking back, I scarcely recognize the girl I was at 19, and I am ever grateful for the learning and growth that Shadowhunters brought. I must give the most immense thanks to the crew, the cast, the creatives, the writers, and everyone involved in the production team. We became a family, we took care of each other, we were in the trenches pushing each other to make the show better each and every episode.”

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