Katherine Schwarzenegger Is All Smiles After Tennis Match with Younger Sister Christina

Katherine Schwarzenegger shares a laugh with her younger sister Christina while leaving a tennis match on Monday (December 14) in Los Angeles.

The author celebrated her 31st birthday the day before and she wrote a message to her fans about the special day.

“31! Feel beyond blessed to be alive, to have my health, my family, my loved ones close, to have spent the day with my daughter and husband, the morning with my family on a walk and to feel so loved, from a safe distance,” Katherine said on Instagram. “I have a whole new outlook on birthdays after giving birth this year, so today I toast my parents for creating me and my mama for birthing me! I’m so grateful for both of you, your love and our family. I’m also grateful I grew up to marry a man who woke me up with this happy birthday latte he made. I love him so!

There are photos of Katherine and her family on the walk!

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