Keanu Reeves heartbreaking personal life after losing girlfriend and baby within 2 years

John Wick: Keanu Reeves returns for third chapter

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Keanu Reeves, 55, has long been a Hollywood legend, rising to fame in the 90s and becoming a fully established bankable leading man. He’s remained at the top of his game ever since but despite his huge career successes, the actor’s personal life is marred with harrowing tragedies that have left him “forever changed”.

Grief and loss don’t ever go away

Keanu Reeves

The Canadian actor is best known for playing action heroes intent on saving the world.

But in real life, he too has suffered.

The movie star tragically lost both his daughter and the woman he loved within the space of two years.

Reeves previously spoke to Higher Perspectives about his first encounter with actress and director David Lynch’s assistant Jennifer Syme, who he “fell instantly in love” with.

They met at a promotional party for his alt-rock band Dogstar.

The pair began dating in 1998 and moved into their own house.

However, they broke up after their daughter Ava Archer Syme-Reeves, was stillborn.

Jennifer was eight months into the pregnancy.

The couple broke up in the weeks after and sadly 18 months later, Jennifer was killed in a traffic collision, aged 28.

She had attended a party at the home of Marilyn Manson in 2001, and on her way back after being driven home by another guest, she drove her Jeep into a row of parked cars on Cahuenga Boulevard in LA.

She was partially ejected from the vehicle and died instantly.

Jennifer is buried next to her daughter in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in LA.

Following the loss of his beloved, Keanu was said to have found it “very, very difficult to cope”.

It is believed he used his experience with grief to portray John Wick, in the hit film franchise of the same name.

The solitary character also lost his wife in the 2014 film, where he fully dedicated himself to the physicality of the role.

He said in a previous interview about the character: “I thought it was one of the foundations of the role.

“I love his grief.

“I relate to that, and I don’t think you ever work through it.”

Keanu added: “Grief and loss don’t ever go away.”

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