Khloe Kardashian & Scott Disick: Have They Banged?

As we reported earlier, Scott Disick turned 36 over the weekend, and a surprisingly large segment of the KarJenner clan turned out to celebrate.

Some fans were surprised by the guest list, as Scott and Kourtney Kardashian went their separate ways back in 2015.

But the Kardashians have always had a soft spot for Disick, and Kourt’s mom and siblings have always treated Scott like a member of the family.

There are numerous reasons for this.

For all of his many, many (many) faults, Disick is a charming guy, and as an only child whose parents have both passed, Scott has no family outside the Kard clan.

And as longtime followers of the family know, Scott has always had an especially close bond with Khloe Kardashian.

Over the years, this has led to rumors that Scott and Khloe are more than friends.

We’d like to say these stories originate with trolls who don’t believe their own preposterous claims, but believe it or not, it seems a lot of folks actually think Scott and Khloe and are engaged in an ongoing affair.

The rumor reared its ugly head again this weekend thanks to a pic of the alleged couple at Disick’s birthday party.

“What is happening here? I sense chemistry,” one fan commented.

“Damn, why ya’ll look so good together?” another asked.

“Refuse to believe they’ve never shagged,” a third remarked.

Usually, Khloe just ignores such rumors — but this time she felt compelled to subtly respond.

In response to a fan who commented, “Just because two people are close don’t mean they have shagged before,” Khloe posted a string of heart emojis.

She responded similarly to a follower who pointed out that Scott has no other family:

“They don’t realize or forgot that this man has no mother, father or siblings,” the follower wrote.

“This is his SISTER the only family besides his children that he has.”

Another fan pointed out that Khloe is likely still reeling from the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, and she should probably be encouraged to seek comfort wherever she can find it:

“With what just recently happened and how heartbroken and devastated she was … stop trying to make something from nothing please. It’s really disrespectful to everyone involved,” the concerned follower wrote.

Scott is still dating Sofia Richie, and Khloe is reportedly 100 percent focused on being a mom these days.’

So yeah, it’s highly unlikely that they’re dating — but you can expect the internet to keep blathering away, anyway.

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