Kim Kardashian Shocked by Jonas Brothers’ Epic Impersonation of Her Purse Fight With Khloe

Joe Jonas plays the KKW Beauty owner in the video, hitting Nick Jonas’ Khloe with his bag over and over again while mimicking Kim’s iconic line, ‘Don’t be f***ing rude!’

AceShowbiz -Leave it to Jonas Brothers to give you the best impersonation of siblings fight. The three-piece band made a lot of people laugh on Monday, January 13 when they posted on Instagram a video of them recreating one of the most iconic Kardashians fights.

In the video, Joe Jonas played Kim Kardashian as he entered a room and started hitting Nick JonasKhloe Kardashian with his bag, clearly recreating the sisters’ iconic purse fight from “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” season 2. “Don’t be f***ing rude!” Joe mimicked Kim, while a shocked Nick was mimicking Khloe’s “Oh my God! Are you kidding me!?”

Joe continued, “I swear to God, don’t be f***ing rude to me…I’ll f***ing hurt you,” before he proceeded to punch his brother. Kevin Jonas appeared at the end of the video, nonchalantly walking across the room with a drink on his hand. The eldest brother was seen mouthing, “OMG.”

The video quickly gained people’s attention, including Kim and Khloe. The KKW Beauty owner was clearly shocked as she commented, “OMGGGGGG.” Meanwhile, the Good American Jeans founder said, “Hahaha nailed it!!!!!!!”

Nick’s wife, Priyanka Chopra, dubbed the video “gold,” while Diplo was more interested in the leather jacket that Nick wore in the video. The record producer told the “Jealous” singer, “Give me that jacket.” Some others simply reacted with laughing-crying emojis, with one saying, “This is so good omg omg.” Another commented, “Once again incredible content that feels on brand for our personalities.”

In the original moment, their fight happened after Kim told her sisters how excited she was about getting a Bentley, but all the car chatter wasn’t sitting right with Khloe, who called her sister a “weak duck” while having dinner at Rob Kardashian‘s crib. Kim happened to hear this and quickly reacted by hitting Khloe with her purse over and over again while screaming, “Don’t be f***ing rude!”

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