Kim Kardashian's Skims Value Goes Beyond Her Name, Daymond John Predicts IPO

Daymond John says Kim Kardashian‘s name and celebrity is not the reason her popular clothing line Skims is now being valued at $4 billion … he says product quality is the key.

The “Shark Tank” biz mogul joined us Friday on “TMZ Live,” and dove into the numbers behind the new Skims valuation — nearly $1B higher than last year’s valuation!

Daymond says Kim’s name being attached to the clothing line certainly helps, but based on what he’s seeing and hearing, the value lies more in the affordable pricing and quality being delivered to consumers … who might not even care about the Kardashians.

Stars Wearing Skims

In other words, people aren’t buying $750 million worth of Skims annually just because Kim is the face of the brand, though her advertising prowess and fame still bring a lot to the table.

Kim Kardashian Wearing Skims

Daymond’s got answers for folks wondering why Kim’s company is skyrocketing … he breaks down the math, and sees a MUCH bigger number than $4 bil on the horizon.

Kim Kardashian Hard At Work

Keep in mind, Skims has only been around since 2019 … and while it’s been funded privately, up to this point, Daymond’s calling it now — get ready to see it traded on the stock market.

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