Kourtney Kardashian Says She Felt Pressured To Find Her ‘Thing’ Amid Sisters’ Solo Ventures!

Kourtney Kardashian steps out of her famous family’s shadow.

In an interview with Glamour posted on Tuesday, the KUWTK star revealed she felt pressured to “figure out” her “passion by a certain time” — amid her sisters’ successful solo projects.

The 40-year-old dished:

“We used to do all of our projects together, so when we started splitting up and doing our own, I think I felt like, ‘Well what’s my thing?’… Everybody would put this pressure on me, even though I really just wanted to focus on being a mom. I didn’t want to take on something else. But once I really took the time to do it, once I figured out when the time was right for me—and that it really fit into my life without overwhelming me—then it became fulfilling.”

Fortunately, in April, the momma of three launched her lifestyle website Poosh, named after her seven-year-old daughter, Penelope Disick.

“My mom always tells me to really do something you love so that it doesn’t feel like work… I think this is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done.”

In regards to why she started the publication, the social media personality divulged:

“I just wanted to have a space where I could open up a conversation—where instead of being judgmental or being like, ‘This is the way and that’s it,’ the site offers things to learn about… I’ve learned so much from starting Poosh, even on topics that I may have wanted to know about but didn’t have the time to research. We’re finding out so much and are able to share that… I find them really fascinating.”

Additionally, the pint-sized diva spoke out about her April 2018 trip to Washington D.C. where persuaded legislators to pass the Personal Care Products Safety Act.

“I don’t know if cosmetics regulation has been swept under the rug because the word ‘cosmetics’ makes you think of girls putting on makeup — but it’s so much more than that… It’s all personal care products, from things you use on newborn babies to deodorant, toothpaste, and face wash. They’re things every single human uses at least once, if not multiple times a day. By calling it ‘cosmetics,’ it’s not taken as such a serious issue.”

Though the bill has yet to pass, Kardashian’s visit made headlines — bringing the issue of cosmetics reform to a larger audience.

Following her successful trip to Capitol Hill, Kourtney is focusing her efforts on school lunch programs for children.

“I’m really, really passionate about schools and what they’re feeding kids. To me, there are certain things that shouldn’t even be at kids’ schools… So many of us are living our busy lives and doing the best we can, and so many people don’t have the information to know certain things are healthy or unhealthy for our kids. It especially goes together with school and learning, in my opinion, because you’re feeding your brain.”

Kourtney continues to make a difference.

Are U standing behind this Kardashian??

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