Larry Kudlow: Biden administration has had 'nothing but problems' the last week

Kudlow: Biden has nothing but problems

‘Kudlow’ host runs through a week of crises plaguing the Biden administration

‘Kudlow’ host Larry Kudlow said Friday that despite Biden's many "problems" in the past week, the stock market was "booming." 

LARRY KUDLOW: The Biden administration has had basically nothing but problems this past week. Gas lines, higher prices, some pretty lousy economic numbers, Russia and Iran taking them to the cleaners by throwing every conceivable bomb at Israel, the southern border still open, no fix in sight for that problem. Russian cyber hackers continue to hold up American companies for ransom in order to operate their computers. And even though the CDC tells us to be mask-free indoors and outdoors if you have the vaccine, still confusing behavior in the White House even throws a monkey wrench at that, which should be so easy. 

Tough week for the Bidens. But, on the other hand, we are actually a business show, and consequently, I must report this was a booming week for the stock market, saying it couldn’t care less about the Biden follies. The market was booming yesterday…And I’ve always been a believer in the wisdom of the stock market. Mr. Market. It captures all available information. 


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