Lauren Goodger reveals she’s having baby girl as she opens up on her pregnancy in gender reveal shoot: ‘She’s going to be a little diva!’

She recently announced that she was set to become a mum for the first time, and now Lauren Goodger has exclusively revealed that she's expecting a little girl!

Exclusively for OK! VIP members, former TOWIE star Lauren unveils the gorgeous pictures from her gender reveal shoot and opens up about how she and her boyfriend Charles Drury are feeling about having their very own “little diva”.

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Lauren Goodger was on cloud nine in January when she revealed to new magazine that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Charles Drury.

And fast-forward two months and the good news keeps on coming as the former TOWIE star now exclusively tells new she’s having a baby girl.

Looking blissful over Zoom, after the gorgeous gender-reveal shoot, Lauren says, “It’s so beautiful – what a lovely gift for any girl. I’m very girly. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to look like. Is she going to look like me or Charlie?

“I’m really excited to be a mum and start this next chapter of my life – I believe I’m going to be a good mum.”

Lauren, who is 22 weeks pregnant, has been inundated with messages of congratulations from her former TOWIE co-stars since she announced the exciting news that she was expecting.

And despite a fractious relationship over the years, the 34-year-old’s father, Steve, and his side of the family have also been in touch.

“They really want to be a part of it and it makes me feel loved, which I haven’t always felt,” says Lauren.

But as well as sharing the highs she’s experienced as an expectant mum, Lauren is candid about the lows of her pregnancy.

“I’ve got through the worst of it all,” she admits. “I’ve got through the nausea and I’m trying to rest as much as I can.”

And the reality TV star – who tells us she’s already picked out a name for her daughter, which she is keeping top-secret for now – praises builder boyfriend Charlie, 23, for also being “very involved” in their journey to parenthood.

In the exclusive chat, Lauren talks about her happy news, jokes about being camera-ready for the birth and says the lockdown and her pregnancy have only made her relationship with Charlie stronger…

Congratulations on expecting a girl, Lauren. How are you feeling?

I’m a girls’ girl, so it’s amazing for me. I love the fact I’m having a little girl – my little girl. I can dress her how I want and do all the girly things. People say, “I couldn’t see you with a boy.”

But I do really want a boy as well, I’m just really happy I’m having a girl – a mini-me!

Is she going to be a mini you?

I hope so! I’m going to be very protective. She’s going to be a little diva.

And you found out by a private scan, didn’t you?

The private scan is real but when you go to the hospital scan [at 20 weeks] they check everything is how it should be and check everything in depth.

I kept saying, “Is it definitely a girl?” And she [the nurse] said, “I haven’t checked that bit yet.”

But I thought I could see a ball bag in the scan! [Laughs] She’s really strong and really active on the scans – she kicks about, waves about and sunbathes. My blood tests also came back amazing.

Did you suspect you were having a girl?

I knew, didn’t I?! I didn’t know, but I knew. I would have been more shocked if it was a boy. When she said I was having a girl it just confirmed what I thought I knew.

I’ve been to fortune tellers and they’ve always told me I’m having a girl, so I’ve always assumed I’m having a girl. When it got confirmed, I was really happy and excited.

Does it feel more real now you know the gender?

Yeah and the further along you go. I’ve got the cot, the pram and everything’s on order.

I’ve got loads of clothes and I’m constantly looking at baby stuff. I don’t shop for myself any more – I can’t remember the last time I bought something for myself. I know I’m having a baby but it won’t feel real until the baby is here.

I am really happy and I’m in a very committed, loyal and loving relationship. When you’re in pregnancy you feel like you’re alone, which you are, and you go through a lot of emotions that you’ve never felt in your life. Nobody tells you about the lows of pregnancy.

What have been the lows?

There’s no reason for it but I worry more – and I’m a bloody worrier as it is. You think about things you wouldn’t normally think about. I’m different. For example, I used to drive with music on and I was a confident driver but now I’m very careful, I don’t want to have a car crash.

That kicks in – being sensible and protectiveness. Obviously, I’ve not drunk any alcohol or smoked a cigarette and that does not interest me.

I’m at the next chapter of my life now. My interests are more family-orientated.

Have you got that motherly instinct, then?

I’m such a home person, but [before pregnancy] I was always busy. I’d be here, there and everywhere.

One minute you’d speak to me at home and by the afternoon I’d be up a mountain in Portugal. Now I’m more organised and I don’t want to go out the door! I’ve definitely got different priorities.

I’m looking forward to nesting and getting the baby’s room ready.

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How did Charlie react when he found out it was a girl?

He cried! Charlie’s much more emotional than me. He said, “I’m really happy it’s a girl now, I’ve got a real soft spot for a girl.”

They say daddy’s girl, mummy’s boy, don’t they?! He does really want a boy though. He said, “Let’s go again.” I’m like, “Are you joking?!” But I would like to have a boy as well. Charlie couldn’t wait to tell his family and friends.

He’s very involved. You know the birth and how it’s normally up to the mum? Well, I have to ask Charlie!

Is it true that you want a water birth?

I’m considering a water birth, because I love a bath. I’m always in the bath.

I feel like that will really relax my back, my muscles, my noon. It’s just relaxing. I put a story up [on Instagram] and I must have had hundreds of DMs, all of them saying, “It’s the best thing I ever did!”

Imagine being on that bed with all the sweat. The only reason I’d like to do it in the bed is it would be nice for photos. [Laughs]

Please believe me, I don’t know what I’ll look like at the end of it, but I’m having a blow-dry, a spray tan and I’m having my make-up done.

I want to have good memories to keep. I’m only joking – I’ll be holding the baby in tears, dripping with sweat and probably with my hair all over the place.

How has your body changed?

The arse has grown, the boobs have grown. I’ve always had a curvier body but a flat stomach and I haven’t got a flat stomach any more. It’s quite hard to get out of bed now and I constantly feel like I need to wee.


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What’s the reaction been like since announcing your pregnancy in new?

I always thought it was going to be amazing news but people are messaging me who I haven’t seen for ages and everyone’s talking about it, which is nice. And a lot of it is people who are really happy for me.

Who’s reached out?

Everybody. I can’t think of one person who hasn’t. Even Gemma [Collins], Amy Childs and a lot of the Love Island girls who are mums. My family have – even people I haven’t spoken to for years. My dad. They’ve all been lovely and kept in touch, and got me a card and £100 voucher for the baby.

Tell us about the moment your dad called you…

I was on the bed and I went, “My dad’s ringing me” and Charlie said, “Go on, answer.”

I was on the phone for a while. I could tell he [Charlie] was really happy. My family isn’t perfect but I’m a very family-orientated person.

I’ve made it very clear for years that I want to have a baby and get married, because I’m a family girl. Everything is brilliant that’s come out of this pregnancy. The feedback has been good.

What does it mean to you now that your dad has got in contact and will be a grandad to your baby?

It’s his first grandchild and on my dad’s side I’m the eldest. This is the first baby on their side in 18 years. We’ve got a group chat that my sister’s made and they can’t wait.

They said they can’t wait to do babysitting duties.

My dad hates the fame side, he’s not interested in it, but they are very happy and they really like Charlie.

With my step-mum there’s a lot of history there of me growing up and it was really hard growing up with her, but she’s been lovely and is really keen to have us over and wants to make us dinner.

They really want to be a part of it and it makes me feel loved, which I haven’t always felt. I’ve always been quite strong and independent and didn’t know where I stood with them.

But something like this, they look at me as a mum now, as an adult, and I’m not a little girl any more.

I feel like now they respect me for having a baby and not doing it young. I know I’ve rushed this time and I have done it this way, but I’m a little bit older and this is my decision.

It’s nice the baby has brought you back together!

My sister Nicola has put up posts saying she can’t wait to be an auntie again. On my mum’s side, I’m the only girl who hasn’t had babies yet. They’re going to love a new baby.

How lovely!

My family aren’t horrible people, there’s just a lot of history. I left my dad when I was younger.

I did my own thing, lived with my mum, got into a very serious relationship at 15 and went back and forth between his and my mum’s.

My dad lost that relationship with me, so we don’t actually know each other that well, but I know that he loves me. Even my dad’s mum, we’ll chat on the phone and there’s a lot of childhood memories and she says, “Your dad does love you.”

Aww. Have you enjoyed your pregnancy so far?

I have. It is difficult, I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. It’s not like, “No, I never want to do this again”, because I will.

It’s a beautiful thing. It’s like having the best night out ever, but you’ve not got a hangover the next day – what a way to describe it! I’ve had the best time, I have spoken to my family, have become really close to my partner and I’ll have this beautiful gift at the end.

Sounds like everything is going well…

The midwife said, “I don’t know what you’re eating and drinking but your iron level is immaculate.”

I’ve got the heartbeat monitor and if I’ve had a stressful day, or I’m busy, having nightmares or worrying about something, I’ll go, “Babe, get the monitor out, I need to check the baby’s there.”

But I will be like that until the baby’s here. That is the hard part of pregnancy – worrying about something happening, the tiredness, sickness, dizziness and the low points.

Have you suffered with anxiety during pregnancy?

I haven’t drunk alcohol for five months and I don’t miss it, and my anxiety is so much better.

I’ve only got anxiety with the baby and everything being okay. I worry and I keep having bad dreams but I know I’m alright and I’m healthy.

I’ve relaxed and I’m in lockdown and enjoying it. I feel good and I’m mentally strong. You get this motherly instinct, like a mother lion, and you’re very protective of your baby and you feel strong in that sense.

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With everything opening up again as lockdown eases, will you do prenatal classes?

I’m going to start doing a hypnobirthing class, which is on Zoom and is about breathing techniques in the birth and getting you mentally prepared.

I’m also doing a first aid class for babies, which teaches you about choking and breathing. I’ve done a first aid course for adults already, because of my aesthetics business [LG Aesthetics London].

Will you have a baby shower?

I am now but I wasn’t. I was going to have a “welcome to the world” party but now, if we do come out of lockdown, I’ll probably do something at home.

Have you found your dream home yet?

Yes, the place I’ve found is quite private. I want to change my car as well.

I’ve got a Mercedes GLE Coupé, it’s blacked out and I look like Jay-Z driving down the road. I might change it to a bit more of a family car now.

When will you be moving in?

I’m just waiting for everything to get sorted out. It’s beautiful, it’ll be perfect. It’s not massive but it’s big. It’s got a lovely garden, it’s very sociable and the kitchen is huge.

It’s got an outhouse as a gym but I’m going to turn it into a salon – Charlie knows that’s mine. It’s a nice first home.

And Charlie’s working full-time, isn’t he?

He’s on site and he’s employed, and works six days a week. He works on a Saturday out of choice, so he’s got more money for the baby, so that’s good.

And you’ve survived lockdown and pregnancy together!

It was tough, I’m not going to lie. When we were in lockdown there was nothing going on and then we got to know each other and I got pregnant straight away.

I’m pregnant, I can’t drink, I’m a bit boring, my body’s changed, my tits are massive and have gone south, and I wasn’t like that [when we met].

We’ve had our moments of bickering but it’s really funny because some relationships go through that and end – and we’ve gone through that and stayed together, and come out stronger. We’re really good at the minute.

There’s been rumours that you’re even engaged…

No, I’m not engaged. I said to him, “Do not dare in lockdown! Let’s have the baby first.”

How many children would you like?

You know when you’re young and you’re like, “I want four children” – nah! You can’t put a number on anything like this.

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