Lindsay Lohan leaves fans confused after revealing how to pronounce her name

Lindsay Lohan left fans confused and stunned as she revealed we've been pronouncing her name wrong all along.

The American actress, who announced her engagement to Bader Shammas in November last year, uploaded a short video introducing herself as she finally joined TikTok earlier this month.

"Hey, everyone. It's Lindsay Lohan, and guess what? Now I'm on TikTok," the 35 year old said in the short clip, which is now viral.

While many were delighted to see her on the social media app, others noted that Lindsay had pronounced her surname as "Lo-wen" instead of "Low-han", which we have been saying throughout her career in the spotlight.

One person commented under the video: "Wait. Lindsey "LOWEN"?!? I'VE BEEN SAYING IT WRONG MY WHOLE LIFE?!?"

Someone else wrote: "I'm sorry I've said your name wrong my entire life."

A third noted: "I just learned her last name is pronounced "Low-en" not "Low-han."

A fourth added: "Everyone on earth: LOW-HAN. Lindsay after all these years: LOW-EN."

Another asked: "Why didn't you correct our mispronunciation of your last name for the last 20 years?"

Since joining TikTok, Lindsay has already racked up 502.6K followers.

She continued to delight fans further as she lip-synced a line from her iconic role in the 1998 classic, The Parent Trap.

Taking on the role of Californian twin Hallie making fun of her British twin Annie, she said in a British accent: "Yes, you want to know the difference between us? I have class, and you don't."

Meanwhile, life has been particularly sweet as of late for Lindsay, who is loved-up with fiance Bader.

Taking to Instagram to share the exciting news of their engagement in November, Lindsay wrote: "My love. My life. My family. My future. @bader.shammas #love."

A source said to The Sun: "Lindsay's relationship with Bader is going strong. She has been with him for about two years now."

They continued to say: "He is a legitimate guy. He's not an actor, he's not in the entertainment industry, he manages funds for high net worth people at Credit Suisse."

Lindsay made it big as a child star after featuring in fan favourite films such as a remake of The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday before going on to star in the cult film Mean Girls in 2004.

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