‘Little Women: LA’ Star Seeks Annulment of 5-Year Marriage, Husband Denies Claim of Sexless Marriage

Christy Gibel has filed an annulment of her marriage to Todd, against whom she recently got a restraining order, claiming their marriage was never consummated and accusing him of financial fraud.

AceShowbiz -“Little Women: LA” star Christy Gibel is seeking an annulment after five years of marriage. According to court records obtained by The Blast, she applied for “nullity without minor children” against her husband Todd Gibel at the Chatsworth Courthouse in Los Angeles on Friday, June 21.

The reality TV star filed for the annulment over two major reasons. The 41-year-old actress claims their marriage was never consummated and she’s accusing Todd of financial fraud, according to TMZ’s sources. The sources say Todd opened credit card accounts and took out loans under her name without her consent.

Seeking an annulment for a five-year marriage is uncommon. Most couples would want a divorce after getting married for years. An annulment is usually granted if there’s evidence that the marriage is invalid from the start, hence wiping it off the record.

Todd has responded to Christy’s court filing for annulment. He denied her claim of a sexless marriage. While he admitted that it’s been a while since they’ve had sex, he said that they’ve “definitely” had sex during the marriage. As for her accusations of financial fraud, Todd said his attorney advised him not to talk about it until they appear in court.

Christy, who also stars in 2002’s comedy “Death to Smoochy” alongside late actor Robin Williams, recently slapped Todd with a restraining order. She filed a Domestic Violence Protection Order on May 8, asking that her daughter from a previous relationship, Autumn, 19, be protected as well. During a court hearing in late May, the protection order was extended to July 9.

“Petitioner does not object. The court finds good cause to lengthen time to the next hearing,” read to the court papers. “Any temporary orders are to remain in full force and effect until the continued hearing date.”

A source said at the time that Christy was “worried about his temperament.” The source dished, “Their marriage is dissolving. She wants him out of the house. She wants her house back since he’s never contributed anything!”

Christy has allegedly also claimed that their marriage is “toxic,” with a source saying that Todd “treated her like crap and promised her things he couldn’t keep.” She’s allegedly living a “miserable” life due to her marriage. “There is a lot of behind the scenes that took place that wasn’t aired,” the so-called insider additionally told Radar Online. “It was a sexless marriage.”

Todd, meanwhile, has accused Christy of cheating on him with another man, Gonzo, whom she has been friends with for nearly 10 years. “Christy and Gonzo have so much in common,” a source told Radar. “It turned from many years of friendship to something else.”

Christy has two children, Autumn and Trenton, from her first marriage.

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