Logan Paul Asks Fans to Stop Trespassing, Unless It's Good Content

Logan Paul‘s asking nicely — please don’t show up to his house unannounced … UNLESS you’re there to get the hell beat out of you, because that’s great for YouTube views.

We got LP outside Beauty & Essex restaurant in Hollywood Tuesday night, shortly after we broke the story … a man showed up at his Encino home uninvited 2 days in a row, forcing Logan to call the cops and file a trespassing report.

Logan tells us it’s not an unusual occurrence, but he’d like it to stop … because, believe it or not, he actually values his privacy.

HOWEVER, Logan concedes that sometimes dudes showing up at his pad is totally cool … if they have a gimmick and are down to get in the ring with him and get knocked out.

Case in point — last week when fellow YouTuber ViktorCrazy camped out outside his gate dressed as Ivan Drago and demanded a boxing bout … he got promptly whooped. Logan says that video was the best vlog he’s had in a while.

So, there ya go clout chasers … if you really want to walk the line of trespassing to take a chance at meeting Logan at his home, just have a game plan and be ready to get your ass kicked.

Logan respects it.

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