Love Islands Jamie Jewitt shares clever way fellow islander would steal booze on the show

Six years on since his iconic appearance on the 3rd series of Love Island, Jamie Jewitt has dished the dirt on alcohol use in the villa – including which of his fellow Islanders had a sneaky tactic to nab an extra drink.

Chatting exclusively to OK! about his recent decision to ditch alcohol completely after realising he was getting through a bottle of wine a night in order to sleep, the Essex based star reflected on his time on Love Island as he opened up about the alcohol practices in the villa.

It’s been widely known that alcohol intake is minimised during the show, as producers want our favourite Islanders to be able to make safe, responsible choices without being too drunk to know what they’re doing.

But now, Jamie has opened up about what the drink ordering system actually was, and how it made it easy for one Islander to bend the rules!

“They used to have this little pantry and they’d take everybody’s drink order,” began Jamie.

“So if you said you wanted a beer, you’d have two small cans. If you said a glass of wine, you’d get one glass of wine etc.”

“So you’d put your order in, put it in this pantry and then the ‘voice of god’ would say that the pantry’s open and you can go and collect them.”

With this straight forward system in place, Jamie then revealed how one of his fellow Islanders had developed a sneaky tactic to earn herself an extra drink for the evening.

“I remember, I think it was Olivia Attwood, that used to run to the pantry and start taking drink out of other peoples drinks, so there was this frenzy where people would steal each other’s booze!” recalled the star with a cheeky smile.

It wasn’t just Olivia however that was guilty of pinching an extra drink, as several other Islanders throughout the years have also been known to get creative with their drink thefts.

Love Island’s very own Molly Mae Hague previously revealed that during the 2019 series, Maura Higgins had taken her drink!

Speaking at the time, the star said: "I think I probably had about one glass of wine the whole time I was there.

"You can have two glasses of wine a night which some people still manage to get drunk off because they're actually quite big glasses”.

She added: "One night Maura actually took my glass, downed it in the larder (a little room where they keep all the drinks), filled it up with water and then put it back.

"She had three glasses of wine and was so drunk.

"It was so funny.”

However, series 5 star Amy Hart revealed that producers were far from impressed by the rule breaking, and even told Islanders on day one of the competition, that if they were caught sneaking extra drinks, the entire villa would be cut off from drinking for several days.

She said: They tell you on the first day that if you do get caught giving your drink to anyone that everyone gets banned from drinking for five days. So then you'll let everyone else down, so don't do it.”

Jamie has partnered with leading herbal tea brand Pukka Herbs to help him on his journey to better sleep.


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