Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell saves puppy from being sacrificed after finding it in tiny rusty cage

Former Love Island hunk Jonny Mitchell has shared an incredible journey with his Instagram followers.

The 28 year old, who split from his fiancee last month, has explained in a series of Instagram posts how he found a sick puppy and slowly nursed it back to health while on holiday in Bali.

Writing in his lengthy first post Jonny said: “I don’t get upset easily. But today completely broke my heart.

“I was driving with a friend of mine through canggu earlier, when we took a wrong turn down a road where some locals lived.

“At the end, when I was turning my scooter round, I spotted a little ball of white fluff out of the corner of my eye. It was this amazingly beautiful, tiny little puppy staring right at me.

“This poor little guy was being kept outside in an extremely tiny, rusty cage, with no food or water. We got closer and noticed that he had cuts all over his face, huge scabs and blisters all over his body, and was literally riddled with thousands of fleas and ticks to the point he could barely even open his eyes.. basically eating him alive.”

Jonny went on to say that he bought the dog from the owner and took it to be treated at a vet and found out that this breed of dog is often used as a sacrifice.

He continued: “I later was told that this type of dog is a Kintamani breed, indigenous to Bali, and extremely popular and sought after.

“I then learned this breed, with certain attributes like a black tongue (which this pup has) are very rare and used for ceremonial sacrifice in Bali. Which could explain a lot as to why it was being kept the way it was.

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“It’s beyond me to question anyone’s culture, but at least we were able to make sure this little fella didn’t have to face any of it.”

Jonny wasn’t sure if the pup, which he has named Kasanova, would survive after the vet told him it was touch and go.

However, Kasanova survived and Jonny decided to adopt the little dog himself.

He wrote: “Kasanova, my little furry warrior defied all odds and pulled through like the little champion he is!

“The absolutely amazing humans at the @baliveterinaryclinics did an incredible job removing the thousands of fleas and ticks he had living on his body, treating his wounds, rehydrating him, and basically bringing him back from the dead! They said not to get too attached as a high percentage of the pups in those states don’t make it.”

Jonny concluded his final post by saying: “From where I’ve previously valued money and superficial, material things.. now I value my happiness, love, and above all else the people I call my family.

“And as far as I’m concerned I’ve gained a new member of my family in the past 3 days. And one thing family never do is leave each other behind. So with the help of my amazing friend who rescued little Kasanova with me, and also the incredible human that is @lewisraymondtaylor who’s been nice enough to put his Bali home forward.. both of these spectacular people have decided to take on the responsibility with me.

“So.. We’ve decided to be the loving family that he needs. WE’RE KEEPING HIM”.

Jonny also shared a link in his bio on Instagram for anyone who wants to adopt a dog in Bali.

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