Love Islands Liam Reardon in worst shape after eating takeaway everyday since show

Love Island's Liam Reardon has revealed that he is in the "worst shape" following an unhealthy diet of takeaways since leaving the popular ITV dating show.

In a series of posts shared to his Instagram Story on Wednesday, the 22 year old shared a slew of snaps where he detailed the strict health and fitness regime behind his previous shape to the poor diet associated with his current shape.

Liam, who has shared his excitement at moving in with girlfriend Millie Court, shared shirtless snaps of his buff body as he detailed how he used to be "strong and fit physically".

The reality star explained that he had a routine that worked for him, including burning calories during his "active job" as a bricklayer, going to the gym, eating 4,000 calories of "quality food", and a healthy eight hours of sleep per night.

Liam said that everything was in "moderation" as he would "enjoy a beer" and "cheat on some food" during the weekend.

However, he said that his motivation changed after he left the Love Island villa earlier this summer.

Sharing a snap of his current physique, Liam acknowledged: "To some people, I may look fine, but this is probably me at the worst shape since I was 17. Not as strong physically as I used to be.

"Since leaving Love Island, things have been crazy and I lost all motivation to get up and do with my exercise, eating takeaways every day and not being healthy in the slightest."

He went on to admit that he would usually not post a picture of himself "looking bad", but he was keen to show his followers that they could work on getting back on track.

"Only I can make the change," he said. "No one will do it for me so I've got to get on with it, take accountability for letting myself get like this. But it's fine, it's not the end of the world."

Despite his struggles, Liam had a positive outlook as he revealed he was back to training and eating nutritiously dense foods.

"The biggest motivator for me is knowing how much better I will feel mentally and physically when I throw myself back into training and get to the goal where I want to be."

Liam explained that to help keep himself focused, he has set himself a health and fitness target for Christmas.

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