Love Islands Samie Elishi thanks fans for spotting lump as she faces cancer scare

Love Island star Samie Elishi has expressed gratitude to fans for spotting a lump on her neck, which has led to her cancer checks.

Speaking in a new video uploaded to her YouTube, the 22 year old, who also spoke about her breakup with Tom Clare, explained: "Whilst I was in the villa, loads of my family and friends were getting messages saying, 'Samie's got a lump on her neck'. I came out, and I got a few of the comments as well."

Samie went on to explain that she initially couldn't see the lump. However, when she was out for lunch with fellow ex-Islander Millie Court, Samie decided to enlist her pal to help and the duo soon noticed the lump.

Samie then sought medical advice and was told that she as a 5cm lump in her thyroid area which is, unfortunately, cause for concern.

Samie explained: "Thank god so many people were in my DMs because I've been having ongoing tests for it."

Samie said that medical professionals have graded her lump a three, "which means that they can't tell for sure if it's cancerous or not".

She will now have half of her thyroid removed with surgery, which will allow surgeons to see if it is cancerous. If it is cancerous, she will then need the other half removed.

Breaking down into tears as she detailed the process, Samie continued: "Basically, all they do is cut your neck…"

She then composed herself, saying she was "grateful" that people messaged, allowing her to catch it early and seek help.

Samie added: "It's still just really scary. I'm a young girl; I'm realising how common it is now. I even saw Demi Jones went through it."

Samie, who said she was worried about her healing and how her voice might change, told fans she will share her journey because she wants to help others, and it's so "important we all know about these things".

"What you think might be nothing, might be something," Samie said, adding that she will do a separate video on when she wraps her head around what the surgery entails.


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