Luca lost his head for Gemma but doesnt deserve hate, says Love Islands Danica

Luca Bish received backlash regarding his relationship with Gemma Owen in the Love Island villa, with a handful of viewers outraged by some of his behaviour.

But former Islander Danica Taylor defended the fish seller and said he's "besotted" by Michael Owen's daughter and "doesn't deserve" the hate he's getting.

"He's fallen hard," the 21 year old dancer exclusively told us.

"He’s lost his head a little bit and he’s just obsessed with her. He doesn’t deserve the negativity, he is a great guy. Yeah there’s parts of everybody that we might not get along with and I do see what the viewers are saying in some sense. He loves Gemma so much he doesn’t want to see her necking on with another guy, or doing anything."

While footballer Jamie Allen, who Danica left the villa with, chimed in: "But they’re being very hard on him."

She agreed and continued: "Because he is a really nice boy. Despite the situation with me [she coupled up with him] and he took time to realise and calm down he was actually quite nice to me and said, “Sorry, I’m into Gemma.” He doesn’t deserve the hate he’s getting. And he’s a great guy. People will see it in time to come, a reality TV show is very edited."

While they enjoyed giving us their thoughts on the other couples from the villa, Danica and Jamie were keen to discuss their own future and told us they've yet to make things official.

"Each day it’s been stronger and stronger," Jamie, 27, told us.

"And we get to know each other more and more each day. We’ve not really left each other’s side. She’s not got on my nerves just yet, so that’s a good sign."

While Danica, who openly admits she had a rough ride on the show and faced a lot of rejection, said she never lost faith the right man would walk in for her.

"I was saying to everyone, “You might think I’m crazy, but I’m still going to find somebody,"' she confessed.

"It got to a point where I was like, “I’m on Love Island, someone’s going to come in for me.” I had a gut feeling and I never lost hope and thank God I didn’t. Good things come to those who wait and I waited a long time!"


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