Lyssa Chapman Claps Back At Fan Who Disses Her For Feud With Stepmom Beth Chapman

Lyssa Chapman has some harsh words for a fan who criticized her feud with her stepmother, Beth. As the family spat continues to be aired in public the 31-year-old is defending herself.

Lyssa Chapman, 31, is refusing to let a fan shame her amid her ongoing feud with her stepmom, Beth Chapman who is battling stage II throat cancer. On May 25, the blonde posted a series of photos on Instagram celebrating her 17-year-old daughter Abbie’s high school graduation. (See the post HERE.) A day later a fan took to the comments section to slam Dog The Bounty Hunter’s daughter for allegedly not wishing Beth a happy Mother’s Day. “Seriously unimpressed that you didn’t think or wish a happy mother’s day to Beth,” the person wrote. “Very disappointed in you young lady.”

But Lyssa – whose mother Lyssa Rae Brittain was Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman’s third wife – refused to accept the criticism. She fired back directly at the fan, writing, “Seriously you don’t know s*** so MYOB also idgaf what you think.” After Lyssa told the commentator to mind her own business and admitted that she doesn’t give a f*** about what the person thinks, other fans piled on to support the mom-of-two. “Keep ya stupid comments to yourself,” one person wrote. “Baby Lyssa do [sic] proud of ya X your doing so well on life.” Yet another fan added, “There are always two sides of a story! Period! I don’t usually respond to celebrity’s posts but we don’t know ANYTHING! And to blast on social media family drama is just wrong on so many levels.”

The family feud spilled out into the public when 52-year-old Beth took to Twitter on May 23 to blast Lyssa and accuse the ninth of Duane’s 12 kids of not acknowledging her on Mother’s Day. “I’m very disappointed today. Knowing that not only did my daughter @BabyLyssaC not acknowledge me on Mother’s Day yet texted some of my friends wishing them a HMD She decides to exclude her dad and I from ABBIES graduation On Friday I would have moved a mountain to be there.”

Lyssa, however, defended herself in a since deleted tweet, according to “I have been so busy being a mom; celebrating, supporting and loving my daughter on the eve of her graduation, I haven’t had time to respond to you. @MrsdogC,” she tweeted. “You know you’re not blocked. I spoke to dad yesterday.”

One thing that daughter and stepmom do agree upon, however, is shutting down online trolls and critics. After one person slammed Beth for sharing a screenshot of a text exchange she had with Lyssa, the reality TV star wrote on May 24, “Keep your opinion to your self [sic] this is my page and I’ll say what I like if you don’t like it hit unfollow!”

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