Maids Margaret Qualley talks outrageous reality and challenges behind heartfelt drama

Maid: Netflix releases trailer for new drama show

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Maid sees Margaret Qualley’s character Alex go through a series of challenges in a bid to make ends meet for her daughter two-year-old Maddy (Rylea Nevaeh Whittet), after leaving her abusive partner Sean (played by Nick Robinson). Viewers witness Alex’s resilience being tested at every stage as she takes on various cleaning jobs, looks for a place to live, fights for custody in court as well as looking after her bipolar mum Paula (played by her real life mum Andie MacDowell).

Speaking of the heartfelt Netflix drama, the 27-year-old discussed just how real her character’s situation was for struggling parents in the same situation in America.

On what infuriated her about her role, she said: “Just how quite literally impossible is all is.

“The scenes that I have when we’re talking about trying to get food stamps or get housing, the amount of hoops you have to jump through, in order to even qualify, are outrageous, and then it’s like winning the lottery to actually be chosen to have this thing that is not even so great to begin with.

“The amount of work that she has to go through is really wild.”

Viewers of the drama echoed Margaret’s comments on Twitter, with many pointing out just how close to home Alex’s struggles were.

Kreidy Giantsbane wrote: “#Maid is truly an excellent show.

“It may be hard to watch at times, but it is so interesting and heartbreaking to see that side of the US portrayed with such care. Highly recommended!”

Rev. Wendy Hamilton commented: “Had a chance to watch #Maid over the weekend & had to pause it a few times.

“The true to life depictions of the spirit-crushing nature of means tested assistance programs hit close to home, I’ve been there.

“It reinforces my commitment to making #UBI (Universal basic income) a reality. It’s a lifeline.”

Danial Tahir MD added: “#Maid @netflix have me in tears. I wish life was better for everyone, not few chosen people.

“I wish we could do more for the single moms. I wish governments spend more on the mental health.(sic)

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“I wish the rich fixed the earth first, and then set their eyes on the outer space.”

Margaret also discussed how it was playing the role of a mum and acting alongside her on-screen daughter.

Five-year-old Rylea features heavily in the show amongst the drama between her on-screen parents.

The actress said she was both “excited” and “scared” to play a mum as she has no children in real life, but admitted it came with some challenges.

“I think I was the most excited to have the opportunity to play a mom because I’m certainly not a mother and that jump seemed like a real challenge,” she added to Collider.

“I’d never had an opportunity to do that. And then, I was also the most scared to do it.”

She went on to praise the crew for helping her with Rylea during filming.

“They had seen me struggling to get Rylea to do things and it became a really massive group effort,” she continued.

Giving an example, the actress said she’d play games with the child actor, such as ‘let’s pretend to be asleep’ in order to film particular scenes.

“It just became this joint effort to make every day happen, and it was really amazing,” she added.

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