Malin Andersson hits back at body-shamers after posing for bikini snaps

Malin Andersson looked the picture of happiness as she posed for snaps during a luxury spa weekend in a colourful bikini, as she confidently showed off the results of her diet and fitness overhaul.

The body confidence activist shared the photos on her Instagram as she thanked the Spa at the Manor House Hotel in Cheshire for hosting her and her friend during the weekend.

Malin, 30, looked happy and confident as she posed for the pictures and was praised by fans, however was hit with some cruel body shaming posts from people criticising her appearance.

Some trolls even went as far as to accuse mum-of-one Malin of undergoing liposuction to achieve her toned figure.

Love Island star Malin quickly hit back at the accusations and trolling comments, leaving a comment of her own saying: “How the heck do I look unhealthy if I’m eating more food each day just better options lifting exercising running doing things I love being active being a mum and working too. And I’m happy.

“Please do NOT tell me I look unhealthy because you’re clearly projecting there – and sending the wrong message out to my followers about changing your mindset about exercise.

“I don’t workout to lose weight that’s only what YOU decide to see not me. I work out because it lifts my SPIRITS!!!!!”

She also was quick to shut down accusations that she had liposuction, writing: "Omg comments about lipo when the HELL have I had chance with a newborn to do that. I have exercised for 14 months now since giving birth and have burned fat by lifting heavy weights and exercising.

"Lipo may work for some people but when you have a baby leaving them for 6 weeks and then not being able to even hold them no way. I’ve done it the right way.. please kindly f**k off!"

Malin’s followers were also quick to jump to her defence against the trolls, leaving messages of support and chastising the negative comments.

One follower replied: “She looked good then and she's goods good now. Everyone has different journeys and no one should be judging her based on the fact she's slimmed down from before.she was advocating loving your body NO MATTER WHAT and the body changes and the soul within it changes too .

“If you put on weight or lose it it doesn't matter and she's shown how you can transform if you put your mind to it. Some people want to put on weight and some want to slim down it goes both ways and I think she's demonstrated that perfectly tbh .leave the woman be”.

After hitting back at the body shamers in her comments section, Malin also took to her Instagram stories, posting a photo of her enjoying the pool with the words: “Ok wow. Weird comments from people talking about my body saying their preferred body type on me. And that I looked happier before.

“Hell no I was not happier before. I feel strong healthy and more powerful now” before concluding: “Do not body shame me weirdos”.

She also shared a follow up message explaining that she had been lifting weights for 14 months now and hasn’t dieted once to achieve her muscular physique, before asking the trolls to do ‘inner work’ on themselves.


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