Mary Steenburgen went out her way to make others feel comfortable on set

Grace Truly made her feature film debut in Book Club: The Next Chapter, leaving her full of nerves when she filmed alongside Hollywood royalty.

The film stars legends Jane Fonda, 85, Diane Keaton, 77, Candice Bergen, 76, and Mary Steenburgen, 70.

In conversation with, Truly revealed what it was like to work with such stars, admitting Steenburgen stood out to her.

She told us: “The first line I had to speak was the first scene shot that day and it was with all four of them!

“I stumbled on my words and it was the first time it’s ever happened! It just had to happen then in front of them, which makes sense because it was so nerve-wracking!”

Thankfully, the veteran all-star cast were on hand to help her out, especially Steenbergen.

She continued: “They were so kind to me about it, they did not make me feel bad and told me it was completely normal.

“Mary Steenbergen particularly, was very motherly I guess, and really went out her way to make me feel better.

“She came over to me afterwards and said, ‘You know, I think it was my fault. I stepped over the line.’

“But it wasn’t, it was me, so she did great at making me feel better. They could all tell how embarrassed I felt about making a mistake on my day, but they made me feel at ease.

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“They all took the time to talk to me and said it was a pleasure to work with me.”

Truly also praised the likes of Fonda, for working so hard and not complaining on set, despite filming on hot days and being 85.

She explained: “The four women were incredible.

“Jane Fonda had to wear a wig and she had to try on all of these wedding dresses and it was boiling!

“We shot in Italy so it was very hot and she was just so stoic, she didn’t complain once!

“I was there sweating in my summer dress, and she was just so inspiring, it was great to be around them all and their work ethic. I couldn’t have asked for more!”

Truly plays the assistant of a fashion designer when Vivian, Fonda’s character, searches for her perfect wedding dress in Rome.

The original film centred around the four stars as they read the steamy book Fifty Shades of Grey.

The premiere took place earlier last week in New York, with the four Hollywood legends looking incredible.

Fonda wowed in a shimmering black suit, while Keaton rocked her signature style of a flat-brimmed hat and a quirky striped dress.

Steenburgen rocked a vibrant floral gown, while Bergen looked elegant in a cloud-coloured blazer and smart trousers.

Premiering in theatres Friday, May 12, Book Club: The Next Chapter is a sequel to the hit 2018 film Book Club.

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