Meek Mill Says Drug Addiction Might Be to Blame for Drake Beef, and Not Nicki Minaj

In a sit-down interview with Charlamagne Tha God, the ‘Championships’ rapper opens up about his drug addiction, revealing he used to pop ’10 [percopet pills] 30’s [milligrams] a day.’

AceShowbiz -Even Meek Mill has no idea why he started a beef with Drake in 2015. Rumors have been circulating that Nicki Minaj had something to do with it, but Meek believes that his ex-girlfriend was not the reason why their feud started. Instead, if he has to choose something that might be the reason, it was his drug addiction.

In a sit-down interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Meek admitted his addiction was so bad he ended up “popping 10 [percopet pills] 30’s [milligrams] a day.” He said, “You walking with death. Real s**t. You pop two in the morning, they gonna wear off by four… I had to make a decision with myself. You gonna be a high pill popper or you gonna be a millionaire bossed up type n***a. They ain’t mix. I ain’t never see a millionaire bossed-up pill popper in my life.”

His dependency on drugs eventually clouded his judgment and had a negative effect on his memory. Thus, Meek didn’t remember why he attacked Drake at the time. “I don’t even f***ing really, really, really know,” he revealed. “Everybody said Nicki and s**t, that wasn’t the case. They always had their relationship before me and s**t like that. In my mind, they gelled with each other before I got in the situation.”

Meek continued, “I can never let that be the one reason why I’m mad at him or feel some type of way. I just ain’t really know when I look back.”

Meek and Drake’s beef began when the former accused the Canadian star of using ghostwriters. The two rap stars then began releasing diss tracks against each other, before officially ending their feud in September 2018. At the time, Drake brought out Meek for a performance when he was on tour.

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