Meghan McCain Explodes Over Gwen Berry Controversy On The View

Meghan McCain did not mince her words when speaking out about the Gwen Berry controversy on the June 29 episode of “The View.” Berry, who qualified for the U.S. Olympic team at the track and field trials on June 26, “turned away from the American flag and raised a T-shirt over her face as the national anthem played,” as detailed by The Washington Post. While discussing the situation on the morning panel show, McCain showed her frustration in a poignant speech about how dishonoring the flag is a threat to American safety.

“The problem I have is this woman is doing this internationally. If anyone just saw Vladimir Putin’s recent speech when he met with President Biden — he’s using the propaganda that America is an irredeemable crap-hole against us,” she said. “If we’re having our enemies and propaganda-dictators using our own propaganda against us, [it] in turn turns into a real national security risk,” she continued. Berry’s recent protest was done on American soil, but she has protested abroad before. Per The Washington Post, Berry said she did not plan to make a statement and felt as if she was “set up” by officials.

“My other problem with this,” McCain added, “Is I don’t understand why we can’t all have shared experiences in this space or have our own stories because for some reason my relationship with the flag isn’t allowed anymore.” Right on cue, Twitter reacted — and it wasn’t pretty. Keep scrolling to learn what viewers had to say about McCain’s comments.

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