Millie Mackintosh says shes cried in pain as she discusses breastfeeding struggles

Millie Mackintosh has revealed she was in so much pain breastfeeding her newborn daughter Aurelia that she was left in tears.

The former Made In Chelsea star has been documenting her struggle with mastitis recently and took to her Instagram account on Sunday 16 January with another update.

The 30 year old mum-of-two explained that she had tried a lot of advice issued by her followers, including asking her husband Hugo Taylor to "suck out blockage", but she has now introduced formula to her baby in a bid to relieve the agony she faces while breastfeeding.

Sharing a sweet snap of herself cuddling up to her sleeping daughter Aurelia, Millie began: "If you've seen any of my recent stories then you will know breastfeeding has been a little tricky for me recently."

Millie candidly explained: "My milk supply suddenly slowed down, one boob stopped refilling between feeds and the other developed a blocked duct which got infected and turned into mastitis."

Mastitis is an inflammation of breast tissue that can lead to infection, pain and swelling, and redness.

The reality star thanked her fans for their tips and advice, admitting she had "heard it all" from "using a vibrator or electric toothbrush to break down the blockage" to asking her husband Hugo to "suck it out".

She was also advised to take hot showers and baths, massage the area, put savoy cabbage leaves from the fridge inside her bra, and even use a method called "dangle feeding", where a mother breastfeeds the baby while on all fours.

"I am on antibiotics as I've started to feel a bit feverish, but I also saw a women's physio who used an ultrasound machine to break down the blockage," the mother-of-two continued.

"I've been trying lots of your suggestions as well as regularly feeding even when it's made me cry in pain. The area is still sore, but it's not bright red and hot anymore, so I'm hoping we're on the mend and my supply has picked up again."

Discussing her future decisions, Millie added: "I'm not sure how much longer I will continue breastfeeding, I have started combi feeding by introducing formula once or twice a day.

"I do feel there is a lot of pressure put on mums to just keep going and stick with it, but I told myself I wouldn't make any decisions on a bad day, and ultimately I know I've got to do what's best for both Aurelia and myself.

"As a happy Mum means a happy baby, and however she is fed it will be with love," Millie concluded.

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