Monty Don claps back as troll calls him a ‘crumpled compost heap

Monty Don demonstrates how to plant tulip bulbs

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The Gardening guru, 67, posted on Twitter about his dislike of the phrase “going forward” that presenters often use to link or end a story. In reference to presenter Amal Rojan’s words on the Today programme the horticulturist posted: “Hurrah for @amolrajan rejecting the ugly, clumsy expression ‘going forward’ on the Today programme. Makes me cringe every time I hear it.”

In response to the tweet, the troll wrote: “Get a life. If you were a fraction as picky about your appearance you wouldn’t look like a crumpled compost heap. Going forward, when are you retiring?”

At that response, Monty simply replied: “Can’t say Twitter isn’t fun.” Fans quickly flocked to his defence and shot down the troll’s offensive tweet.

One fan wrote: “He looks like someone that spends a lot of time outdoors, gardening – which is kind of handy really since that’s what he does.

“Personally, I hope he never retires because he’s an absolute joy to watch and listen to – but that’s a bit selfish, so hopefully retires whenever suits him?”

Another posted: “Why become nasty and personal when Monty was talking about an objective expression? I just don’t understand the nastiness.”

While a third added: “Monty’s literally one of the sexiest men alive, what are you on?”

The trolling comes after it was revealed that the Gardeners’ World presenter responded to another troll who questioned his homemade gardening products.

The star recently took to Instagram to share with fans how he is preparing his garden in Longmeadow, Herefordshire for spring and summer.

The star posted an Image of a large amount of steel plant supports all piled up in their different sizes.

He captioned the image: “Steel plant supports (all homemade). Bundled in size, ready for action this spring and summer.”

While many fans took to the comments to praise Monty for his “beautiful” garden, a user named Sue wrote: “Wow, how the other half live!

“We buy cheap ones that have to be replaced every couple of years as never in a million years could I afford a selection of the metal ones and this many at one time!!!”


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Monty swiftly shut down the claims that the steel plant supports were expensive and replied that the steel rods were not as expensive as she imagined.

He replied: “Buy the metal rods and cut and bend them to shape. This is 25 years worth, costing between 50p and £1 each.”

It comes as Monty’s BBC Two show, Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens, returned to TV screens this week.

The three-part series saw Monty travelling across the world to discover how Venetians on the Adriatic coast have influenced both public and private gardens.

The first episode saw him explore Venice on a barge. Then, the next installment saw Monty travel to Croatia.

Finally, the presenter took viewers on a garden discovery around Greece, from Corfu to Athens.

The series was first broadcast last January but is being repeated this year.

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