Naga Munchetty’s line of questioning branded ‘unfair’ as she probes Government Minister

Naga Munchetty grills Greene on Scottish Conservative leaders

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Naga Munchetty, 45, quizzed Scottish politician Jamie Greene, 41, on her Radio 5 Live show on Tuesday, about his opinions on the popularity of new Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross, who replaced Ruth Davidson, who previously held the position. But her questions were branded “unfair” as she pressed him for an answer about who was “better or worse” at leading the party ahead of the election.

I think that’s a bit unfair on both of them…

Jamie Greene

“Let’s talk about the party,” she said, “Is Douglas Ross a better leader of the Scottish Conservatives than Ruth Davidson was?”

Jamie chuckled as he noted impartially: “Well, they’re very different…”

But it clearly wasn’t the answer Naga was looking for, as she interrupted: “Better or worse?”

The Scottish MP replied: “I think that’s a bit unfair on both of them…” before he was swiftly cut off by the BBC Breakfast host again.

She said: “Well, is it fair considering a poll from the Sunday Times saw Douglas Ross’ approval rating has fallen seven points in the past month and he is now the least popular Scottish leader?”

After a short pause, her guest stuck to his original response, noting they both had different strengths.

“Ruth is a very tough act to follow,” he stated.

“I got into politics because Ruth asked me to stand in as a candidate for the last Scottish election and I consider myself as a part of Team Ruth in many ways.”

He added: “But she stood down a while back and we have elected a new leader who has a very bold plan.

“He’s really likeable, he’s a great guy and Douglas works incredibly hard and is a good MP.”

It comes as part-time football linesman Douglas, denied he is being “sidelined” after the Scottish Tories brought back Ruth to promote the Union after a poll predicted a supermajority for pro-independence parties.

Asked whether he was concerned that he was being eclipsed, Douglas insisted: “Ruth is one of the most successful politicians in Scottish politics, and she rightly plays a key role in our campaign going forward.”

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“It’s my team, my manifesto, my policies and I’m delighted Ruth is a strong, integral part of that team.”

He added that he is “delighted” she is playing a prominent role in their election campaign, despite the SNP and Labour suggesting he has been “put on the subs bench” because of Ruth’s high-profile in their Holyrood election campaign.

Elsewhere, Naga was beyond elated when she realised she’s on the way to possessing the knack for perfecting the perfect British BBQ, but wasn’t impressed when her co-star admitted he “cheats” his way to the winning post.

The discussion came as temperatures soared in the UK last Monday and Tuesday, reaching highs of 22 degrees Celsius (71.6F) which is set to stay until the end of the week before they plummet once again – in true British style.

After her colleague Simon admitted sheepishly that he loves to BBQ but thinks he “cheats” by using a gas oven instead of a charcoal one, Naga was stunned and far from happy with him.

Her gasps could be heard in the studio as she winced, sighing: “Some things shouldn’t be said on air,” she retorted.

Simon sounded apologetic as he continued: “I know but I BBQ more often than if I had a charcoal one!”

Naga’s Radio 5 Live show airs weekdays at 10am.

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