Naomi Campbell Wiping Down Every Airplane Surface in a 4-Foot Radius Is a Big Mood

Please do yourself a favor and take five minutes to behold every glorious step of Naomi Campbell’s airport routine. On Friday, the supermodel posted a YouTube video that follows her from the security line to takeoff, and wow, it is a treat. Fellow type-A travelers, if you thought you had a meticulous routine, get ready to take detailed notes. Her next-level method is truly a mood.

“I love the airport. Really,” Naomi says, breezing toward TSA like the world is her runway, because it is. Once she’s moved through security, she does what we all do, eyeing the candy — “I really should not” — before grabbing her favorite. She delights in the offerings at the beauty counter, then scopes out all the magazines (relatable) and snags a copy of British Vogue with her in it (less relatable).

Here’s where it gets really good, though, because after boarding the plane, Naomi immediately digs through her bag to find her latex gloves, calling them “the best part of the whole thing.” I couldn’t agree more.

Gloves on and ready to go, Naomi wipes down not only her tray table and arm rests and button pads, dear reader, but every surface within a 4-foot radius — “everything you touch.” In a sped-up montage, we see Naomi wipe down her bag, her remote, the seat, the screen, the wall, the ceiling, the window, the air vents.

The woman sitting behind Naomi, bless her, asks, “Can you do my seat next?” I mean!!

With no germ left behind, Naomi tosses a handwashed seat cover over her chair, and it’s time to hydrate her face and “mask, mask, mask” before putting a protective mask over her mouth. “No matter what plane you take, private or commercial, as the plane descends, people start coughing and sneezing,” she explains. “And the coughing and sneezing makes me . . . I just can’t.”

Same, Naomi. Same. And you better believe I’ll be stocking up on latex gloves for my next flight.

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