Natasha Hamilton labels RHOCH an eye opener – Its hard not to become part of the drama

Real Housewives of Cheshire newcomer Natasha Hamilton has opened up about her show debut, and shared how she came to be part of it.

Chatting to OK! at The Baby Show in Manchester, pregnant Atomic Kitten star Natasha, 40, told us that she was approached.

“I was approach [to be part of the show] and because I was launching my solo album, I thought okay, this is a platform to get it out there and show people a little bit about me and my family,” she explained.

“Before saying yes, I sat down with the family and said, ‘Look, I've been approached by a TV show… we either all in, or I don’t do it.’ So, we all agreed and it’s been a journey…”

Once Natasha had started filming, the mum-of-four shared that she felt she may have been a bit naïve in the run up to it.

“It wasn’t like I watched the show all the time,” she said. “I watched it years ago and watched a little bit of the cruise series once they approached me.”

Natasha continued: “I’m not a drama person. I just tend to keep myself to myself – I’m quite balanced, but it’s hard. It’s hard because when other people love the drama, you just become a part of it even when you don’t want to.”

Going on to label the RHOCH debut as an “eye opener”, Natasha did say she’s “come out of the other side with some really good friends”.

Since making her reality TV debut, Natasha discovered she was pregnant with her fifth child – her first with husband Charles Gay.

Initially hiding it from her castmates by saying she was “doing Dry Jan”, she later shared her exciting baby joy.

“They were all buzzing [when I told them],” said Natasha. “Everyone was really happy for us. I mean, a new baby – what’s not to be excited about?”

While speaking to OK!, Natasha also shared her children’s reactions to her pregnancy news.

The singer is mum to Josh, 20, Harry, 18, Alfie, 12, and eight year old Ella, whom she shares with previous partners.

“I wanted to do a nice video of when we told the kids that we were having a baby. So the plan was I was going to be taking a picture of them saying ‘say cheese’ and then say ‘we’re having a baby!’ and when I said it Josh, my eldest, swore straight away, so I couldn’t post it on Instagram," Natasha told us.

“He said a swear word, but in a nice, surprised way.”

She went on: “Ella cried and my other boys were like ‘what?!’. But the thing is, everyone knew we’d been trying for quite a while. Everyone was just happy [at the news].”

It’s thought the songstress is due to give birth around September.

The Baby Show is being hosted at Manchester Central until Sunday 16 April.


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