Nick Cordero Has Lost 65 Lbs In Coronavirus Battle — Amanda Kloots Gives Health Update

Nick Cordero is still fighting on. 

The world has been watching as the Broadway star has endured intense complications from coronavirus. Luckily, his wife Amanda Kloots has kept fans updated on his condition and shared her love for her husband with the world. 

On Wednesday, the former Rockette held a Q&A on her Instagram Story as she waited to FaceTime her husband at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. The questions ranged from Kloots’ favorite music and movies to specific questions about Nick’s health. 

Although the 41-year-old is on the road to recovery, he still has a “long, long road ahead,” and probably won’t be discharged for some months in the “best case scenario”, in Amanda’s words. Asked if Nick is moving yet, she replied:

“That’s what’s so heartbreaking, is he’s so weak. He’s so weak that he still can’t move, and his muscles are definitely atrophying. He’s lost 65 lbs.”

She explained what the doctor’s goals are for the short term, saying:

“The next goal is to get Nick’s blood pressure under control. So that might mean that he has an infection, so they’re trying to find this infection. Then after that, if we can get the blood pressure back, it would be to go on intermittent dialysis.”

In the long term, she explained:

“So after Nick gets out of the hospital — ’cause he is getting out of this hospital! — he would go to a rehab center, and probably be at a rehab center for about a year before even coming home. They say for every week in the ICU is a month in rehab.”

One fan asked: 

“Do you ever let yourself break down? You are beyond strong ?”

Kloots admitted sometimes she puts on a sad song just to be able to cry and “let it out,” but added:

“I also don’t think that being strong and crying aren’t related. I think you can be very very strong and break down and cry. In fact, I think that is a sign of a strong person. You don’t have to keep everything in. You don’t have to pretend like ‘I can’t cry, I can’t have a break down.’ Oh my god, yes you can. You absolutely can. Crying, breaking down, showing emotion is a sign of strength. It’s a sign of knowing that your body needs to emote, to release. And then you recover from it, you know? Part of being strong is recovering. So you have to break down, so that you can recover and get stronger.”


With so much chaos and tragedy in the world right now, those words feel extra meaningful. Thanks to Amanda for sharing her strength with all of us! We continue to keep the Cordero family in our thoughts.

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