Nicki Minaj Did Not Have to Get COVID Vaccine for 'RHOP' Reunion

Nicki Minaj showed up for the taping of “The Real Housewives of the Potomac” reunion, causing some folks to wonder if she’s changed her tune on getting vaccinated … but TMZ’s learned her vax status is irrelevant.

As you know … Nicki caused quite a stir last month when she tweeted some COVID vaccine misinformation — specifically, that her cousin’s friend in Trinidad and Tobago had a severe side effect resulting in swollen testicles. She also implied that she was still not vaccinated.

So, with her appearance on the ‘RHOP’ reunion set Thursday night — something that came to fruition after she jokingly pitched guest-hosting to Andy Cohen in July — fans believed she might have gotten vaccinated in order to get the gig.

But, we’ve learned that’s not necessarily the case … because being vaccinated was not a requirement for the reunion taping.

Instead, Nicki and the ‘Housewives’ and the rest of the crew only had to comply with local orders in New Jersey … so in this case, getting a PCR test that came back negative for COVID.

Obviously, everyone who participated in the reunion taping, including Nicki, had a negative test … but it’s still unclear if the rapper’s vaxxed or not.

BTW … the reunion with Nicki’s guest appearance will air later in the year after the ‘RHOP’ season airs. Andy also shared the news on IG, saying … “It’s the Reunion I could never get away with!”

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