Nikki Bella Puts Her Massive Baby Belly On Display During Intimate Video With Fiance Artem

The bun in Nikki Bella’s oven is almost ready to come out. While lying in bed with Artem Chigvintsev, the ‘Total Bellas’ star showed off her ‘very, very, very big’ baby bump!

“All right. So, bedtime has become my favorite, not just because –oh! Baby’s kicking,” said Nikki Bella, 36, in a video she posted to her Instagram Stories on June 6. In the video, the Total Bellas star was in bed with her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev, 37, and their unborn child. Nikki explained that bedtime was her favorite time of the day, “not because I’m super tired, but it’s the time where our baby is the most active.”

“The belly is definitely getting very, very big, But I always love just getting in bed. Artem reads. It’s just so special,” Nikki said, showing off her massive bump. Nikki and her also-pregnant twin, Brie Bella, 36, are reportedly due in July/early August, and from the looks of it, Nikki is ready to pop. The WWE Hall of Famer said she could feel “the outline already of our baby’s feet,” which prompted the former Dancing with the Stars pro to say he felt “sad that I don’t feel the kicks. …from the inside, not from the outside.”

About a week before this bedtime video, Nikki showed off her baby bump with a May 29 selfie. “30 weeks,” she captioned the pic of her at home, wearing nothing but a sports bra and matching underwear. “I’m officially 30 weeks pregs. I’m so excited!” she said in a makeup-free video she posted to her IG stories that same day. “The most beautiful thing happened…yesterday, when I was at my ultrasound — and Brie was there with me — my baby smiled at me! I honestly cannot wait to post the photo, but my baby fully smiled — and has my dimple already! My baby has my dimple and my smile — it was just so cute!”

Fans won’t have to wait for that much longer to see this dimple for themselves. If she was 30 weeks on May 30, then that means her baby’s birth is just around the corner. Speaking of fans not having to wait any longer, Total Bellas viewers finally saw Artem propose to Nikki on the June 4 episode. Nikki and Artem kicked off 2020 by announcing that he got down on one knee during a November trip to France, and it turns out the cameras were there to catch the proposal.

“I feel like when we met [on Dancing With the Stars], it was definitely fate,” he said to Nikki as he proposed. “The thing is, when I fell in love with you, it was completely out of my control. They say that love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies. You turn my world upside down, but in the most incredible way, and I love you so, so much.”

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