Olivia Munn Scorns Ben and Casey Affleck for Ability to Push Past #MeToo Accusations

Voicing her belief that ‘abusers need to go to the back of the line’ in Hollywood, ‘The Predator’ actress also takes aim at director Quentin Tarantino for being able to continue enjoying industry success.

AceShowbizBen Affleck and his brother Casey Affleck should take a break from Hollywood and “earn” their way back to the top after facing sexual misconduct allegations, according to actress Olivia Munn.

The Oscar-winning siblings have each faced controversy in recent years, with Casey Affleck settling lawsuits from two former co-workers over claims of sexual harassment on the set of his 2010 film “I’m Still Here“, and Ben issuing a public apology in 2017 after old footage of him appearing to grope actress Hilarie Burton‘s breast in 2003, when she was a presenter on MTV show “Total Request Live”, resurfaced online in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Despite the headline-grabbing news, the Afflecks have continued to enjoy industry success, and Olivia, who was among the women to accuse filmmaker Brett Ratner of inappropriate conduct, is not impressed with how they have dealt with the scandals.

“There are going to be people that are hoping they can just push past it and people can just forget,” she told Buzzfeed.

“We have stuff with the Afflecks, both of them. They just keep going and hoping that no one is going to find out.”

“We have (Quentin) Tarantino, who admitted to abusive behaviour on set and also knowing what Harvey Weinstein was doing,” she added, referencing the director’s confession about mistreating his “Kill Bill” star Uma Thurman on the set of the franchise’s first action film in 2003, and his regret at failing to do more to stop Weinstein’s alleged misconduct years before his fall from grace in 2017.

Continuing to take aim at the trio, OIivia continued, “When most people mess up, we have to go to the back of the line and earn our way back up. But then, there are these certain men who, when they mess up they kind of go, ‘Oops, sorry, my bad,’ and then just resume their place in line.”

“The thing is that, not that they’re not incredibly talented in their own right, but when you are given the opportunity to have any kind of power and you abuse that power, I believe you immediately lose all positioning and that you don’t get to have that power anymore,” she said.

“You need to make room for the other people who can come in and have the opportunity to be great directors or writers or producers or actors and that the abusers need to go to the back of the line.”

Tarantino and the Afflecks have yet to comment on Munn’s pointed remarks.

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