Oscar Viewers Are Calling Out The Academy For Not Showing Marlee Matlin Signing While Presenting

The deaf and hearing impaired community aren’t thrilled with how the Academy handled Marlee Matlin‘s presenting during the 2021 Oscars.

Marlee presented two awards at the ceremony tonight, Best Documentary Short Subject and Best Documentary Feature.

During her moment in the program, while signing, the camera panned away from her and only featured a voiceover of her interpreter.

The Deaf community was quick to call out how that moment was handled.

“It’s odd to have Marlee Matlin present an award but then not show her on screen as her interpreter does all the voiceovers,” one Oscar viewer shared on Twitter about the moment that would’ve been great for the community.

Another added, “I feel like if Marlee Matlin is signing, she should at least be on split screen. Also WHY is there never an interpreter shown on the broadcast? We don’t all have access to captions.”

However, many did see how the camera stayed back on Marlee for the second award.

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