Paris Hilton Hurt by False Assumptions About Her

While she loves ‘proving people wrong,’ the ‘Stars Are Blind’ singer says she’s only ‘a human being’ who feels ‘hurt’ by negative rumors surrounding her.

AceShowbizParis Hilton enjoys “proving people wrong.” The 42-year-old star believes she’s been underestimated throughout her career, and she still loves to prove her doubters wrong.

“I’m a human being so things would be hurtful when people would just assume … but I always loved when people underestimated me, I loved proving people wrong,” Paris explained to the Guardian newspaper.

The blonde beauty became talk of the town in 2003 when her sex tape with Rick Salomon, her then-boyfriend, was leaked. Paris recalls feeling devastated at the time.

She said, “It was extremely painful. I did not want to leave my house. I was just so depressed and so humiliated. “That was just one night, with someone who I was in love with, who I trusted, that was never meant for anyone else to see.”

Paris insists that the public’s perception of her didn’t chime with reality. She explained, “I was portraying this sex-symbol vibe, but inside I did not feel that way at all. And I did not trust anyone because I had such huge walls that I built around my heart.”

“I didn’t want to let anyone in, and I didn’t want to be hurt, so I didn’t want to ever give myself to someone. I thought, if you only kiss them, that’s not a big deal. If something bad happens or they cheat on me, it won’t hurt as bad.”

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Paris revealed that she’s loving her experience of motherhood. The “Stars Are Blind” hitmaker and her husband Carter Reum welcomed their first child, a baby boy called Phoenix, in January via surrogate, and Paris has relished the challenge so far.

She said, “My favourite moments are when he’s just laying on my chest and he’s looking into my eyes and my heart just melts and I just feel that this is just the most magical time in my life.”

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