Paulina Gretzky Says Fiancé BANNED Her From Doing Playboy – Even Offering Her Money!

Paulina Gretzky is one of the most popular models on Instagram. Over one million followers check out her bikini pics on the reg — and probably would have been excited to see her Playboy spread, too!

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Unsurprisingly, it almost happened. Gretzky revealed on the Pillows and Beer podcast, with her pals Austen Kroll and Craig Conover from Southern Charm, that the magazine approached her way back in 2013, when she was just 24 years old. She recalled:

Playboy asked me to do, you know, Playboy, and I was like, ‘Yes, this is a great opportunity.’”

For a young model with no inhibitions about showing her body? Why not? It’s good money and great exposure (no pun intended)!

The only problem? Her fiancé, Dustin Johnson.

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She and the pro golfer had been dating for about a year, since 2012, and he popped the question in August of 2013. So it was a pretty quick engagement (though quite a long one — eight years later they still have never walked down the aisle).

So obviously the relationship was going very well. But when it came to the idea of his woman posing in Playboy, Dustin put his foot down and told her she wasn’t allowed to do it.

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Not only that, instead of just telling her how he felt, how it would affect him, he went all big time on her and offered to pay her the money they would be paying her to not do it. She revealed:

“They gave me an amount, a number and Dustin was like, ‘Absolutely not. I’m going to match it. You’re not doing it. I don’t think so.’ — and I was like, ‘OK.’”

Well, we have to be honest. That’s kind of gross.

As much as we appreciate a woman getting paid, this is a man of means literally using his financial power to BLOCK his partner from moving forward in her chosen career. If that isn’t an example of patriarchal control, we don’t know what is.

Yes, she gave in to his demands. But not because of the money. She explained:

“Even though money is not the thing, I could tell it bothered him and I was like, ‘You know what, it’s fine.’”

On the one hand, we hate that she gave in to this man after he reached into his wallet to control her.

On the other, as she said, it wasn’t about money for her. It was about not hurting the person she loved (you know, what it should have been about for him). So she turned it down.

The couple are still together all these years later and even share two children, so we’re guessing she wouldn’t go back and do anything differently. But we also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still a point of contention between them. She did preface the story by saying:

“Dustin — just remember I love you.”

Mm-hm. He’s lucky, too, because if she didn’t she DEFINITELY would have dropped his controlling ass on his golf pants and gone and done Playboy. Instead she kept her bikini on and did Maxim.

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What would YOU think if a man offered you money not to take a job you wanted??

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